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Slow Drains : What may be the reason?

Have you noticed your slow drains? It may be hard to pinpoint the main issue or blockage though. The problem could be right at the pipe opening, farther down the pipe, or anywhere in the drain line. Slow drains may not seem like a big dilemma but should be dealt with quickly to avoid major clogs, sewage backup, or further damage to the pipes in Toronto. Solve the problem of slow drains before it creates a havoc in your house.
The first important step is to find out that if there is a clog in the drain trap or the fixture. For this, you can call a plumber or the do-it-yourself can handle the blockage if you can visually identify the cause of the backup. Never use chemical drain cleaners in your pipes. Using chemical drain cleaning products can cause a bigger problem and even erode the plastic inside of the pipes. If you cannot see the origin of the back-up yourself, then you may have a larger drainage issue.
Toronto Plumbers can locate clogs further down your drain lines. In many cases, your main drain line can cause backups into your home—if you have water backing up into floor-level drains, then you definitely need to get a Toronto plumber in your house to diagnose what is wrong.
A licensed professional plumbing company like Everest Drain and Plumbing can pinpoint the cause of the slow-moving waste-water or blockage using drain cleaning tools and sewer camera equipment.
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You may have a sewer line clog caused by something that was flushed down the toilet or from normal build-up over time. Clogs could be anywhere down your line causing sewage to back-up. Do you have older pipes? There could also be a problem with tree root intrusion. When roots infiltrate your pipes they may begin to crack the pipe, break into it, and block proper drainage.
Sometimes it’s major breaks or collapses that occur in your main line. A cracked or crushed line can cause sewage flooding in your house and other severe damage, and of course, stop any waste that flows out to the street outside of your house. No matter how simple or complex the issue, it’s fixable, but you’ll need a Toronto Plumber to diagnose and recommend solutions for your drainage problems.
When you have established the need for any type of plumbing work- especially for drain problems- call upon us at Everest Drain and Plumbing. Furthermore, we have drain experts that specialize in drain cleaning and sewer line problems. We always provide quality, professional service, and at an affordable price.
Everest Drain and Plumbing uses sewer camera inspection technology to find the problems with drainage, and we can clear lines, break up roots, hydro-jet to break up grease or other tough clumps, and/or replace broken sections of the line. We provide all the services, Call us today for emergency drain cleaning also.

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