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We are Locally operated and established company with expertise and professional plumbers with years of experience, all around GTA.

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Everest has been servicing Toronto downtown and other nearby places. As we are providing flawless service to our valued customers. Everest Drain & Plumbing’s highly trained and dedicated plumbers ensure guaranteed plumbing work for commercial, residential & industrial sectors.

Services’ delivery in a timely manner, 24/7 emergency plumbing and drain services and emergency plumbing Toronto has made us trusted Toronto plumber and Now, we are also on Newmarket as a Newmarket Plumber.

Newmarket Drain & Newmarket plumbing service is an experienced team of professional licensed plumbers with superior quality. Now, you will have access to best newmarket plumbing service through Everest’s local office while As Locally owned and operated by trusted; Newmarket plumbers have the commitment to provide flawless plumbing and newmarket plumbing service.

No matter who you are old or new we provide the same qualitative service for your plumbing and drain problems with no extra additional charge with emergency plumber.



Newmarket Plumbing Services

As  Newmarket plumbers, we provide a wide array of services and we also tailor our newmarket plumbing service to fit your exact needs. Everest Drain and Plumbing provide best Newmarket Plumbing Service. Some of our services are:

  • Sump Pump Repair & Installation
  • Newmarket Plumbing Service
  • Frozen Pipe Repairs
  • 24-hour Plumbing Services
  • Industrial Plumbing Services
  • Commercial Plumbing Services
  • Residential Plumbing Services
  • Drain Sewer Video Inspection
  • Drain Power Flushing
  • Waterproofing
  • Drain Cleaning Services
  • Drain Repair Services
  • Facilities Management
  • Water Softener Installation
  • Backflow Preventer Installation
  • Backflow Prevention
  • Pipe thawing services
  • Pipe Freezing Services
  • Hydronic Heating System

Blocked Drains

Everest Drain & plumbing is the team to call to solve your blocked drain issues by newmarket plumbing service. Give them a call and they will be ready with all the necessary tools and industry knowledge to get your drains working as they should once more.

drain line blocked
Blocked Drain by Calcified Grease


Everest Plumbing are experts emergency plumber in all drain blockages. And you know you can rely on them to take care of your home in a professional manner. Get Everest Plumbing on the case and they will find the best way to unblock your drain no matter the size or severity. Call Fixed Today for all your blocked drain issues.

High Velocity Water Jetting

High-Velocity Water Jetting is a procedure that will clear your drains in no time. By pushing a large amount of water through your pipes at a high pressure; it removes the buildup and blockages that have built up. This process allows water to drain out without getting hung up in the pipes. Many times the buildup will restrict the flow enough to cause tubs and toilets to not drain and could lead to backflow into your home or offices.


Commercial Plumbing: Camera Inspection

Using chemical clog removers can deteriorate your pipes and may be hurting your pipes more than helping them. Newmarket Plumber uses Water Jetting device which will remove the debris on the sides of your pipes like grease or other mineral buildups.

Benefits of using high-velocity water jetting

There are lots of advantages of using a high-velocity water jet. Apart from the thorough cleansing of all minor and main drainage lines/sewer lines will have existing lines running like new ones. It will also act as a preventive measure for your drainage system and sewer line to lasts for many more years to come.

  1. As high-velocity water jetting is safe for all types of plumbing; is environmentally friendly because there are no chemicals or caustic elements
  2. High-velocity water jetting keep the plumber’s work area organized and clean
  3. Water jetting is a perfect solution for clearing oil, grease, and sand sediments.
  4. It is an easy and economical, efficient and environmentally safe way to clean sewer and drainage pipes.

High-velocity water jetting also provides a more comprehensive cleaning of sewer lines and drainage lines; is effective especially for greater distances. Basically, it is the only way to ensure a fast, economical way to ensure free-flowing drain. Everest Drain and Plumbing is the best place where you can get all your plumbing and drain problems solved.

Water Heaters

The water heater is one of the most relied-on parts of a plumbing system in your New Market Home. Probably you can wake up to a cold shower if your heating system is not working. There are other signs your water heater may need servicing.

Either your water looks rusty or has an odor or you hear rumbling sounds, or if you see water leaking around the base of the water heater, it’s time to rely upon Newmarket Plumbers. Your own local Newmarket plumbing expert will make a thorough survey and explain the issue along with repair options.

If we need to replace your equipment, we provide the most cost-effective solution: our Newmarket Plumbers will describe you the various types of available water heaters and the features.

Whichever type of Water Heater you choose, our experienced Newmarket plumbers can install a new water heater with additional features. They will carefully remove the old unit hence perform the expert installation and clean up when they’re done.

Whether water heater you bring by yourself or by Newmarket plumbers, they fit every heater as per your requirement. But if the heater to be fit is provided by the client then Newmarket plumbers don’t take equipment guarantee; they will fit your device so they will provide you fitting guarantee but not the item guarantee.

Hydronic Heating System

The hydronic heating system is steadily gaining popularity in Newmarket and other Canadian cities. The hydronic heating system offers much more flexible and tailored services to you compared to conventional modes of heating through newmarket plumbing service. It can operate through not only panel radiators but also through natural convectors and also as the underfloor heating system. Hydronic heating is all about the circulation of heat generated from boiling water all over the place, be it your home or place of business.

The hydronic heating system offers great health benefits besides being unparalleled in comfort. Heat evenly distributed around the home or office through underfloor heating pipes or radiators making sure that there is no hot, dusty air circulating around you. Unlike conventional central heating systems which circulate air around through vents; often loaded with allergens, the hydronic heating system provides homes and offices with clean, silent, unobtrusive heat. It is being the heating system of choice for even those with asthma and air-related allergies.

In a hydronic heating system, the boiler heats water which then piped through coils; transferring the heat by natural convection through homes and other spaces. The hydronic heating system can also be used with solar boilers, adding to its environmental credentials. Environmental stability is one thing we are very conscious here at Everest Drain and Plumbing. Apart from the health benefits, it proves to be way more cost-effective heating solution compared to running traditional central heating.

Backflow Prevention

Backflow” is the reversal of the normal course of water through a water route like pipe or drain. When backflow occurs, contaminants in non-potable sources such as drains and sewage or chemical fertilizer-infused water from garden irrigation supply get into the water supply through cross-connection posing a great health risk to yourself and your family.

A cross-connection is any connection between drinking water supply and sources of non-potable water. Controlling cross-connection is very important for ensuring safe and clean drinking water in home or offices. Everest Plumbing and Drain is an old, certified name associated with backflow prevention Newmarketby we emergency plumber.


backflow-prevention toronto

Backflow is often the result of one of following these two ways:

Back-pressure: Back-pressure occurs when the pressure on the customer’s side of the connection is greater than City’s water supply system, and this differential pressure ( the difference between greater and lower pressure) pushes water back into the main water supply system.

Back siphonage: Siphonage results when there is a significant drop in pressure in main distribution pipes. Removal of a large amount of water from the system (for instance, due to water main break or firefighting) causes such abrupt drop in pressure, which can pull water back into the system from a nearby connection. Contaminated water in nearby system contaminates the water supply of a large area by an emergency plumber.

Because of the risk of water contamination and associated health hazards, cities have placed regulations for backflow preventer installation. Currently, Industrial, Commercial, Institutional (ICI) properties, and multi-residential properties of five or more units; where there is a greater potential for backflow and contamination to the water supply; are essential to install backflow prevention devices under the city laws of Toronto by emergency plumber.

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Whether it’s new installations, designing a solution, or programmed facilities maintenance, contact Newmarket Plumber, Everest Drain and Plumbing at 905-836-0277. We offer unparalleled reliability so that you will not ever regret having us around Newmarket when the need arises.

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Imagine having guests at your house - during the holidays - and your drains block up! It's always hard to find a good plumber who doesn't cost you and an arm and a leg but with all the stress its even harder.

At Everest, we help you get rid of "the unwanted plumbing & drain issues" 24/7, 365 days a year.

Who We Are - Everest Drain & Plumbing Inc.

Whether it be a new plumbing installation, plumbing emergency, consultation for a residential or commercial building, or an industrial complex, our dedicated team works 24/7/365. All our plumbing experts have verified professional license background checks and work with the latest in plumbing technology to ensure durable yet affordable plumbing service in Toronto. We value your time and money to finish all projects in due time while making sure you are 100% satisfied with our plumbing experts.

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Why Choose Everest Drain & Plumbing?

Everest Drain & Plumbing has been serving Toronto and surrounding neighbourhood since 2013. Over the years our commitment to the highest industry standard workmanship has been loved by our clients.

Right from the very beginning, our plumbers are indoctrinated to provide a flat-rate or an affordable upfront quote (depending upon the job). We understand the importance of quality and always stand behind our work, so if there is ever an issue you know we will be there to assist you no matter what.

All our plumbers are expertly trained, licensed, insured and are courteous through your inquiry to service delivery. Plus, our internal property safety guidelines ensure that we fix what’s broken not the other way around.

Call (905) 836-0277 for affordable and quality plumbing services in Newmarket

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Read Our Reviews To Find Out Why We Are No.1 Plumbing Company

  • Alex Milic
    Alex Milic

    Indra was available same day, but I asked him to come next morning. He showed up exactly on time. He was very careful to understand my needs and issues. And was able to fix our problem in an hour. Excellent service. Well done.

  • Private User
    Private User

    Were fast and efficient had trouble cleaning clog but Everest was able to help out and cleaned it out in no to E would recommend to friends and family

  • Philip

    I called Everest late Monday night. They answered the phone promptly and said they could get someone out the next day. Adrian showed up at said time and was able to diagnose my leak as a corroded toilet flange. The cost was reasonable. No complaints. Adrian also answered some other questions we had about plumbing around the house. Adrian was professional and easy to work with. If there's any issues (hopefully there won't be) in the future I definitely recommend this company. Hopefully you get Adrian as your technician.

  • Suraj Neupane
    Suraj Neupane

    Excellent work for adrian, He was so professional, he fix the my faucet issue easily where other company was forcing me to replace whole faucet instead. Definitely use them in future.

  • Sean English
    Sean English

    We needed a quick fix to our upstairs shower and the Everest rep responded quickly and was onsite soon after we called. Problem solved.

  • Annette Lewers
    Annette Lewers

    Burst Pipe Repair I recently had a burst pipe in my upstairs bathroom, the timing couldn't have been worse; it was on a Saturday of a long weekend. I started phoning around to find a plumber who could respond to an emergency flood. Since the water had travelled along the electrical wiring and down to the basement, it was extremely urgent to hsve the plumbing repaired, so the electrician could restore the power. Fortunately Indra answered his phone and was at my residence within an hour of my call. He arrived assessed the situation and set about repairing the burst pipe, replacing the shut off valve and draining and restoring the system. He was prompt, efficient and very accommodating I would definitely recommend Indra and Everest Plumbing; I appreciate them responding so swiftly to my emergency. Thank you!

  • Marg wilson
    Marg wilson

    Even though it was before 7 in the morning, Everest Drain & Plumbing got here very quickly. My plumber Tenzin gave me an estimate for the cost of the job (replacing two drains in a condo; he must do this often) before beginning. We scheduled the job on a day when my wife would be home to supervise since I would not be available. On the day of the job, he arrived promptly at the time he had told us he would, assessed the situation efficiently, and made certain that we are now leak-free. There will be no unpleasant or unexpected circumstances, costs, or inconveniences. If I ever have any additional plumbing problems in my unit, I now know who to call.

  • Isabelle Bijoux
    Isabelle Bijoux

    Christian and Adrian did a wonderful job. They were very polite and took time to clearly explain to my husband and I what the issue was. They listened to our concerns and treated us with respect. We will definitively call Everest again if the need arises! Thank you very much.

  • Cliff Gary
    Cliff Gary

    Had a stuck shower drain that we needed replaced because the cross hairs had eroded. I tried it myself with no success. Tenzin from Everest plumbing was very professional and efficient in getting a difficult job done, he also had no issues when I asked him to look at the water pressure which was not in the original request. Good experience dealing with this company.

  • Marg Francis
    Marg Francis

    This is a very reliable company, arriving at the time promised. We were very happy with their service provided. Adrian laid protective sheeting down on the floor before beginning work. He cleared the clogged drains in the basement using a snake, and then cleaned up in the basement when finished. Their final charges were fair. I would highly recommend this company.

  • Christine A
    Christine A

    My drains clogged on a Sunday. I found Everest in a Google search and I'm glad I did. They got a truck out to me quickly. Their plumber Tenzin was great, professional and courteous. I had a major clog in the system and he kept at the problem until it was solved, plus he cleaned up well after the job. Best of all, they charged me exactly what they quoted even with the extra work. I recommend Everest to anyone with a plumbing issue.

  • Wayne W
    Wayne W

    Sewer backed up and Everest was able to come out that evening. They quoted over the phone and charged what they quoted, they cleared the blockage and cleaned up after themselves. Very polite and organized. Would call them again if necessary.

  • Hakka Fire Restaurant
    Hakka Fire Restaurant

    I had a leakage in my restaurant and Indra Khadka help me to stop that leakage. I was so stressed with the bill. Thank you. Glad that I did business with you.


    I had a smell all over my place due to drain grease, It was smelling like hell and i had to fix it as soon as possible. So, i heard this plumbing company name from one of my friend , so i called them and they responded quite instantly and only after few hours tenzin arrived at my door and he did a great job, he fixed the smelling problem as well as suggested me few things to prevent this problem. Finally, thanks everest drain and plumbing for fixing my drain problem. I would recommend all of the people to select this company to do anything related to drain and plumbing.

  • Paula Purdon
    Paula Purdon

    The BEST plumbing company in the city, by far. Showed up promptly, diagnosed a complicated issue quickly, fixed it expertly, cleaned up the work area immaculately. We were exceptionally happy with Everest's service and pricing. Call them.

  • Carolyn Cockburn
    Carolyn Cockburn

    I had a leak in my main water shut off valve which was an emergency. I called Everest and they had a technician at my house within the hour. Indra knew immediately what needed to be done. He was friendly, polite and professional. He took the time to explain things to me. He did a clean and expert job. I was very impressed with everything. I will definitely use Everest for any future plumbing jobs.

  • Anjalee Devkota
    Anjalee Devkota

    Excellent service, really appreciate this team for helping me on sump pump failure . 👍recommend this team.

  • M Kanaris
    M Kanaris

    Our toilet was leaking through our ceiling. Everest sent a plumber on a Saturday within 4 hours of our call. Tenzin was thorough and communicative. He treated our home and our frazzled nerves with respect. He stayed until the job was complete even though it was quite late. He ensured there was no more water coming through before he left by flushing the toilet many times. We will definitely use Everest again should we require a plumber.

  • Abyra Suthendran
    Abyra Suthendran

    Plumbing leaks can be really stressful but I had a great experience with Tenzin who went above and beyond to help me fix my sink. He worked with patience, compassion, tenacity and diligently to get the job done. I really appreciated having him do the work in my house. I would refer this team to others and use them in the future as well. Thanks again Tenzin!

  • Sandy C
    Sandy C

    Tenzin came 5 min before the appointment. He was able to fix the drain issues where our kitchen drin is backing up to our basement bathroom sink in less then 2 hours. I will recommend Everest for 24/7 emergency plumbing issues.

  • Kim Underwood
    Kim Underwood

    I was quite pleased with Everest service, specifically their technician Tenzin. He was punctual, polite and quite knowledgeable in his trade. He simply exceeded my expectations once the issue was corrected then he persued to leave the work site clean and sanitized. I would highly recommend this company and if Tenzin is dispatched for your job it would be an added bonus. Kim Underwood

  • Chris Hitchcock
    Chris Hitchcock

    Donald arrived promptly. He kept us informed of progress and was creative in problem solving when things were not as smooth as they should be. We were very happy with his work and would use Everest again.

  • Sean Mallon
    Sean Mallon

    Indra came to us this morning promptly as arranged. He was friendly and made sure there was no mess left behind. He was efficient and explained what he was doing, even giving us some maintenance tips in order to help prevent the problem again. We have used Everest before, used them today and would happily use them again if need be.

  • Ekta Bhattarai
    Ekta Bhattarai

    I called Everest for emergency floor drain issue, tech Indra arrived with in half an hour. Explained everything and resolved the issue quickly. Really appreciated these team.

  • Steven G
    Steven G

    Indra identified the problem with my leaking toilet quickly and fixed it. I would recommend this company. Thank you for acting professionally and helping me correct the water leak issue.

  • Connie Genova
    Connie Genova

    Donald came out and fixed my toilette leak and shower leak, very professional, smart, friendly and left everything clean. He explained everything he did step by step. Great work. I reccomend Everest plumbing.

  • Indra arrived as per the selected agreed time. Removed the old toilet and installed the new toilet. Made sure the area was clean before he left. I was very happy with his service and he did not charge me for an extra part.I would use Everest for any future plumbing requests.Thank you for your great service.

  • Aerin Buslon
    Aerin Buslon

    Indra was punctual, professional, and very friendly. Highly recommend!

  • Ricky Shah
    Ricky Shah

    We were very happy with the service provided. Suraj did an excellent job and he was friendly and professional. The entire process with Everest Plumbing was pleasant from their website chat to the great job by Suraj. Good company all around.

  • Tamala Ngwang
    Tamala Ngwang

    I was very pleased with the service Donald provided. He took the time to check the problem thoroughly and then offered the best solution. He was very friendly and professional.

  • Vishal Joshi
    Vishal Joshi

    Donald was really professional, expert and explained us in detailed how kitchen sink and washroom upstairs pipes are connected to drainage line which goes out in the city. Our kitchen clean-out was hidden in basement inside one of the dry walls, and he handled finding and cutting with care. Quality of service was top-notch and price was very reasonable. We would definitely use future plumbing services with Everest.

  • Spiro K.
    Spiro K.

    Technician was empathetic to our situation, took care of the problem, and cleaned the area better then it was before he started... I will definitely choose them again.

  • Shyana Panthe
    Shyana Panthe

    I used their service to install taps in my kitchen and washroom. I was very much impressed by their communicative and informative manners. They thoroughly explain their process before engaging into any matter... this really helped me understand and clear any doubts regarding the process

  • mina rai
    mina rai

    I initially called Home Depot to change my hot water tank. After everything was finalized through email, when they came to change it they said they couldn’t do it because they can’t remove the water from the tank ? I researched and found Everest Plumbing. I called them right away and they said they could replace it the very next day because it needed it to be done ASAP. Indra came and did the job in like 4-5 hours. I guess that’s what professionalism is unlike the Home Depot guys. Really satisfied with the service. They gave me a very good warranty which I am very happy with too. Amazing job again Indra. Thank you for doing it in such short notice and finishing it in time.

  • Vivek Sharma
    Vivek Sharma

    Indra and his team member arrived as promised, they had professional approach. Indra made me understand the root cause of the problem by showing me what's happening in the pipes through Camera, diagnosed the issue and unclogged my drain through flushing and snake, also given me some preventive tips to follow going forward. I would highly recommend Everest Drain & Plumbing / Indra for any plumbing services.

  • Alex Golod
    Alex Golod

    It was an emergency problem. Indra appeared at our house in 15 minutes after our call to Everest company. He is a high professional, work was done fast with a good quality and very fast. We recommend Indra to anyone who need plumbing service to be done well and in the reasonable time. Thank you very much Indra.

  • Dipesh Bajgain
    Dipesh Bajgain

    They are very professional!!. I recommend them i have a big house and they did very good plumbing!! Love it!!

  • Bopamma CK
    Bopamma CK

    I called Everest to replace a leaking toilet. Despite stores being shut due to Covid, Donald managed to source a toilet within a day and showed up on time. He was very professional, courteous and explained the problem in detail. He replaced the leaking toilet maintaining a cleaan workplace at all time. I have no hesitation in recommending Everest for their workmanship and professionalism.

  • Stu

    On a Sunday, toilet started filling slowly and the valve started leaking - Everest was able to fix it on the same day, even though they had to weld the valve.Great work and really appreciate the quick service - very satisfied!

  • I received a competitive quote from Everest and authorized them to do all the plumbing necessary to install a new sink, dishwasher and ice maker. The plumber who attended at my home was Surat. He was prompt, polite and friendly. The job was a little more complex than anticipated, but the company honoured their quote. Surat couldn’t do enough for me. My son in law is an engineer who knows a lot about plumbing. He said it was a very clean and efficient reorganization of the pipes, he confirmed it was a very professional job. My home was left completely clean and free of debris. I’d welcome Surat back anytime.

  • Kathleen Murray
    Kathleen Murray

    I contacted Everest Plumbing this week to replace a leaking hot water tank. As a single woman I'm used to being treated poorly by some trades people Prior to contacting Everest Plumbing I had received an outrageous quote from another plumbing company that I had dealt with in the past. Based on this quote It was obvious to me that they were not interested in doing the work. From the moment I spoke to someone at Everest I could tell I was dealing with professionals. Rather than having a technician come out to my home they l asked me to take pictures of the current tank including the labels containing the specs. This made a lot more sense to me. I was told I could have someone out the same day, which was impressive, but I opted to have the work done the next day. The entire experience with the technicians was impressive from the moment Suraj and Jerry arrived. Both men provided service that went above and beyond my expectations. They insisted on removing their boots upon entering my suite. They explained the whole process to me and took it upon themselves to contact the superintendent of my building (something I should have done) to explain who they were, and the work being done. They covered the smoke detector so it wouldn't be set off by the welding and blocked the bottom of my front door to avoid fumes escaping. They cleaned up the work area meticulously. They were pleasant, polite and respectful throughout the entire process. They stayed until they were sure the tank was working properly, and I had hot water. They took time to label my electrical panel as the circuit for the tank had been mislabelled. I keep a metro shelving unit on wheels for storage in the same room as the hot water tank. It's fully loaded with pantry food supplies and extremely heavy. I had removed it to allow them unimpeded access to the room. When they were done, they took it upon themselves to push the unit back into the room. It would have taken me some effort to accomplish. It was an absolute pleasure to have such kind and thoughtful service. I would recommend Everest Plumbing to everyone I know, and will definitely use them for all my plumbing needs in the future.

  • Donald, the plumber came to my aid at 7:00 a.m. this morning to fix a leaky pipe in the basement. He was prompt, courteous and very efficient. Donald comes very highly recommended.

  • Initial phone call was made and service was good, they booked me in for next morning. Donald called the morning of to give me a time frame. He was courteous and clean, replaced our faucet and identified and fixed another leaky bathroom sink. I will definitely go with this company again. Would highly recommend.

  • Indra called before his arrival to let me know that he is on his way. He arrived on time. Very polite and courteous. He checked underneath the kitchen sink and was able to determine the problem right away. Very clean in his work, explained to me what work needs to be done and how long it will take and the cost. Very professional and knows his job very well.

  • Great work and friendly service! I have had many inconvenient issues in my condo which have been resolved by Everest. First and second time was a very clogged toilet problem in December 2019. Indra unclogged it within minutes on December 25.. unfortunately, we ended up having to replace the toilet all together 4 days after (which was also done by Indra within a timely manner). He also took care of disposing the old toilet. The new toilet (American Standard) has been working great. Fast forward to today.. Indra (who was masked) came to disconnect a bidet hose in a very small washroom and replaced the kitchen faucet in less than an hour. Highly recommend Everest for your plumbing needs! Thank you, Indra!!

  • We have used services of Everest Plumbing before and did not hesitate to contact them again this time. Indra is professional and diligent in his work. Quality service always makes the difference when I know the problem at hand will be solved without further worry.

  • We had an issue with an old, outdoor tap which was continuously flowing with no shut off. I called Everest, along with several other local firms but they were the quickest to respond. Donald came out and had a look at our issue. He was extremely professional, used PPE as expected in these times and really analyzed our problem before giving us an idea of the solution and expected price for the job. The quality of work was excellent and the price very fair. I'm very grateful that we used Everest because they back up their promise. Highly recommended.

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