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Need to replace your hot water tank? Here’s how we replaced a hot water tank for a Store in a Mall.

As an Etobicoke Plumber of Everest Drain and Plumbing company, we provide our services to industrial, commercial, and residential areas. We are serving as much as service to our clients so that they won’t have to face some serious problems regarding Drain and Plumbing.

In the context of serving, we recently replaced the Hot Water Tank for a store in a Mall. The mall was at 25 The East Mall, Etobicoke, Ontario Canada, due to which we Etobicoke plumbers are near that Mall so quickly we went to solve their problem. The tank was old due to which water was leaking through it. Likewise, the water was not hot due to which replacement of a new hot water tank was essential. After hearing all the problems from the production department and maintenance department of the mall we went there to inspect and make the decision on what we can do. Do we have to replace it or can it be repaired?

Everest Plumbing Dec 20, 2018
hot water tank replacement
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The condition of the tank was not good and even if we repair the tank that will be of no use. So we decided to replace it with a new one. And the managers were also supporting our decision. Thereafter, we bought a big water tank as per their requirement and other necessary pipelines and equipment. We gathered all the required equipment and we started to install the tank. As we had to replace the old tank with a new one so we took out the old tank and old pipes from the place where we had to install the new tank. After clearing all the old stuff we installed a new one. After a few hours, we finished our work and cleared the mess which we had done. 


We had promised them to complete the work within a few days, and as per our promise, we solved the problem within a given deadline. The first day we went to the store mall to inspect the condition of the tank so that we can make a good decision about what will be the best thing to do and also to estimate the cost. The second day we bought the necessary things and replaced them. So for this work, it approximately took three days to complete the work.

We didn’t take extra charges for our work and our work was qualitative due to which our client is still so much happy with us. Moreover, we guarantee our work to be long-term and durable.

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