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24 Hour Emergency Plumbing & Drain Services

Plumbing emergencies are unplanned circumstances. These problems often happen late at night, early in the morning, or on a weekend or during family gatherings, important events, seminars, business meetings, etc. Some small plumbing emergencies such as a clogged kitchen sink can be addressed with the help of household tools like a plunger and drain snake.

However, other emergencies such as leaks, burst pipes, basement floods, or sewer backups require the assistance of a qualified plumber. For this reason, you try to call every plumber in the Greater Toronto Area just to hear the same story, our emergency plumber will come tomorrow. But when it comes to plumbing emergencies, the sooner you get help, the better it is.

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24 Hour Emergency Plumbing Services for your Residential, Commercial, and Industrial Businesses

Emergency plumber with quick plumbing solutions

Unlike other issues like a dead electrical outlet or broken window, plumbing problems can have very immediate and stressful consequences. And you probably won’t be able to think of anything else until the problem is solved. That’s why homeowners and business owners need to know which issues require emergency plumbing service.

Knowing what to expect and what to do when they happen will help minimize the impact on your life and property. 

No matter what plumbing emergency you are having, Everest Drain and Plumbing with our emergency plumber will be there 24/7/365. We understand how important it is to have a reliable and trustworthy plumber available whenever you need assistance.

And most homeowners or business owners hesitate to call a plumber during the off-hours like whether it be late at night or early in the morning. But, this concern should never stop you from getting the services you require. Whenever you notice your property or your family’s health is at risk due to a plumbing issue, you should call our team as soon as possible.

Most Common plumbing emergencies

  • Drain Clogged / Blocked Drain:
    A clogged drain is an annoying experience. When you flush the toilet and expect its debris to go down the drain but it stays afloat on the top making your entire home or office filled with bad odor and sewer water everywhere. Instead of trying to fix it yourself and make a mess more miserable, save yourself the time and stress by dialing our number right away. We are one of the topmost contractors for emergency blocked drains in Toronto. Our highly skilled workforce provides quick, reliable, 247 emergency drainage services in Toronto to assist with emergency drainage requests or scheduled drainage maintenance.Along with our residential, commercial, and industrial drainage facilities, which include drain washing, drain repairs and CCTV drain surveys, pipe descaling, patch lining, above and below ground installation issues, we also offer 24/7 emergency follow-ups for deep cleaning and disinfecting services. We use advanced technology and equipment to produce evidential reports with recorded images, as well as giving a comprehensive quotation on any maintenance or repairs that may be required. Based on our excellent client support, we have developed a good reputation with positive feedback in Toronto. We’re proud to offer drain unblocking solutions to solve all drainage issues/problems.
  • Hotwater Tank Issues:
    Just imagine running off to the shower for a quick bath, with your systematic water line which is usually hot, suddenly goes freaking cold. Or you find out your radiators are cold after a long day at work, hurtful, right?There’s nothing worse than stepping into the shower and finding that water is suddenly cold. You may not be able to achieve half of your daily tasks without an effective and proper functioning water heater. A hot water tank can run into problems anytime, which can be discomforting. There is no better way to stop this from happening than to maintain your appliance from time to time. For this carrying out the procedure yourself is not advisable, as you could end up damaging some wires or tampering with some connections. So it’s best to call for an emergency professional plumber as soon as possible. By doing so, it would be easy to pinpoint any underlying issues. No matter the type of your hot water tank is your Everest Drain experts in Toronto will make sure you have all the hot water you need as fast as possible. We know how important it is to have a trustworthy and experienced plumbing company you can call us at any time when you need emergency repairs. When you call us, you’ll get a reassuring voice on the phone and have trained and licensed experts dispatched to solve the problem right away. And our plumbers are available at any time to offer you emergency plumbing and drain service. We service the entire Toronto and everywhere in the surroundings.
  • Broken Pipe:
    For homeowners and business owners, a single burst pipe can lead to a financial nightmare. Every single burst pipe can release 4 to 5 gallons of water per minute and sensitive electronic equipment and machinery could also be severely damaged by flooding due to a burst pipe and stop operations from continuing until repairs are made, resulting in a major economic loss. Reacting quickly in that potentially disastrous situation can make all the difference in saving your home and office from immense flooding and severe water damages that could haunt you for years to come.
  • Leaky Pipe/ Fixtures:
    Plumbing leaks are common emergencies that are usually straightforward fixes. If you’re just experiencing a little drop of leaks in your fixtures, don’t just put a bucket under it and wait for it to get worse as the leak is guaranteed to get worse. If a leaking faucet, shower, dishwasher, or heavily leaking pipe is left unfixed, it will promote the growth of mold and mildew on your interior walls, rot your home’s wooden foundations, and cause steel surfaces to rust and damage will be twice as bad. Besides, water can come into contact with any exposed electrical wires and may spark a fire that can quickly spread from room to room. Furthermore, the excess drops of water released by a leaking shower or a dripping faucet will add a few extra digits to your monthly water bill statement.Therefore, leaking fixtures requires immediate action. Depending on the location and type of leak, an expert plumber can fix the leak within your home or office. If you notice a leaking pipe anywhere in the home or office, turn off the main water valve to shut off water to the entire building and give Everest Drain and Plumbing a call to help you out soon. We have advanced equipment used to detect plumbing leaks and repair them. When you hire us to conduct your leak repair there is no second-guessing about the condition of your plumbing system. We pride ourselves as highly trained Toronto plumbers, and we are confident we will fix the problem the right way in the first attempt. We offer emergency plumbing services 24/7 hours so you can avoid more water damage leaking pipe requires immediate action. If you notice a leaking pipe anywhere in the home or office, turn off the main water valve to shut off water to the entire building and give us a call to help you out soon. Besides, if you notice rust, mineral deposits, or corrosion on any of your metal pipes, there is a leak in the making.
  • Brust Pipes:
    Burst pipes are one of the plumbing emergencies that every homeowner dreads, and very few are prepared to handle. They happen mostly during the winter season when water within the pipe freezes and expands. The expansion will force the pipe to burst, and the water will splash out causing a flood. However, you need to realize that a pipe burst can happen at any time during the winter. And always follow the precautions ahead of time to ensure any damage is kept to a minimum. During the winter season always keep one or two faucets running slowly. Water moving through the water system should prevent the line from freezing and bursting. Follow these precautionsto keep an eye on your pipes throughout the year and take care of any noticeable leaks that could be a potential danger.Moreover, most homeowners and business owners tend to consider plumbing pipes to be infallible, but over time they will weaken, split, and burst if they aren’t maintained. General aging can be the main reason that the surface of a pipe will become thinner and weaken to the point of bursting. Aging, plus the consistent pressure of the water flowing through the pipe, is enough to cause it to burst. In some cases, tree roots may end up destroying the pipe. The roots nearest the water pipe creep into the pipe wall and grow into the pipe, blocking off the flow of water and cause it to burst.The solution to minimizing damage after a burst pipe is to take action quickly as soon as you notice what has happened. It is wise to keep the number of a local Toronto plumbing expert close at hand, so an expert can be dispatched as quickly as possible. The sooner an expert is on the spot, the sooner any flooding or water damage will be under control. Emergency Plumber at Toronto takes care of hidden leaks and pipework replacement throughout the Toronto area. Call Everest Drain and Plumbing to keep your pipes safe and running all year round.
  • Toilet Disasters:
    Small plumbing damage in your toilet can be an avenue by which your house can be flooded. When a toilet is blocked, it causes frustration to the homeowner because the clogged toilet caused by foreign objects dropped into the toilet bowl can cause the toilet to overflow and flood the floor. It can cause water damage to your floors and damage to pipes if they overflow to a certain level. Almost all blocked toilets are a result of flushing non-flushable things down the pan which should not be in there, so prevention is not overly complex. These problems are caused due to

    • A loose connection in the valve on the wall behind the toilet, and can cause water to drop continuously onto the floor.
    • A crack in the tank can make water drip onto the floor.
    • When you flush water can pool around the toilet. This is a result of the wax seal breaking and causing a leak when you flush.

    Toilet emergencies are not just messy, a broken toilet can cause logistical questions that are challenging. So, it is always a wise thing to reduce the volume of paper you flush at once, and you should not flush down thick stuff like paper towels at all. Things such as wet wipes, jewelry, or anything that a child can flush like a toy, should not be in your toilet also. If you’re unable to clear a blocked toilet by making use of the plunger or drain snake, it is a wise thing to reach out to an emergency plumber for assistance. When you have access to an emergency plumber in Toronto, they can make every difference in your life anytime your loo ceases to function, and you require help swiftly. Similarly, there are several reasons why you must call an emergency plumber in Toronto to keep your toilet in the right working condition.

    Hence, if you have a toilet emergency that always seems to overflow, clog, run continuously, or lack flushing power, we do have fully qualified plumbing experts who can help to diagnose and fix the problem by conducting toilet repair or replacement. At Everest Plumbing, our experienced plumbers have years of experience with repairing all different types of toilets. Call us and we’ll be there for you 24/7 to perform toilet repair, including running toilet repair, unclogging toilets, fixing a leaking toilet, toilet installation and replacement, and toilet leak repair on residential, commercial, and industrial toilets.

  • Basement Flood:
    Encountering a flooded basement can bring with it a lot of stress and uncertainty causing all sorts of messy problems. In most of the houses, the basements are built below the ground, they’re prone to flooding. Because of this reason, a basement flood may occur not only during the rainy season but at any time of year, even when the conditions are dry. Flood makes your property helpless against a ton of damage. It additionally triggers the growth of molds and makes your property moist. This can demolish the auxiliary of your home or business, and the fix can cost you more. It can likewise cause restorative harm and ruin things you put in your storm cellar like furnishings, family, photos, vital mementos, and some more.The most common cause of basement flooding include:

    • Sump Pump Failure
    • Weeping tile failure
    • Seepage
    • Busted and broken pipe
    • Leaking walls

    When you have a basement flood, you need to dry it as soon as possible. However, safety should be your top priority. Moreover, the basement flood should be dealt with by professionals, to ensure the area is completely dried out, cleaned, and disinfected. If the areas are left damp then bacteria can grow, leading to secondary damage and a health risk to those working or living in the property. Calling in the emergency plumber to deal with a basement clean-up will take the worry out of the situation. We specialize in water damage remediation and restoration and have more than 8 years of experience.

  • Main Water Supply Burst:
    Your water main line connects a home’s water meter to the city’s water source in Toronto. It is the water pipe that brings clean, filtered water into your home, so it’s important to maintain. The water main is also under pressure, so a break or leak can cause serious flooding issues bringing contaminated water into your home. Similarly, the main water pipework that runs underground and carries water to your house and community bursts, cracks or becomes damaged. Also when this happens, the main water supply may flood into roads or houses, causing damages. You may encounter wet floors or walls, mildew and mold, an increase in your water bill, basement or crawlspace flooding, saturated or soggy portions of your yard, and standing water.If you detect a leak or break in the line, shut off your water main and call Everest Drain and Plumbing immediately to fix or replace it. Calling us will be your first line of defense protecting your home from extensive water main damage. Taking care of the problems as soon as they occur can be the best option for you to prevent further damage to your water line and save expensive repair. The longer your burst water line remains unfixed, the more likely the damage to occur throughout the whole system. So don’t hesitate to call us if you are unsure how serious the problem may be. Our experienced plumbers in Toronto are ready to handle any plumbing problem that you might have.
  • Drain Backup:
    Having sewer waste back up into your home is a complete disaster. Gurgling toilets, drainage clogs, and a strong odor coming out are early warning signs. When sewer lines become obstructed, the wastewater starts to flow through drainage pipes, toilets, and even showerheads. This causes damage to the home, but it is also hazardous to one’s health, as it contains contaminants and viruses that can present a risk of severe illness if exposed to humans or animals. If you have a sewage backup in your home or office, you will need to fix it quickly. Generally, drain backups are caused by the following issues:

    • Tree roots: Tree roots are a common culprit when it comes to a sewer line backup. Roots can grow into the drain lines and create holes or cracks in them, or even wrap themselves around a sewer line.
    • Clogs – Blockage in your home’s drain pipes or the city’s main sewer line can cause a sewage backup, pushing wastewater that should flow into the public sewer system back into your home. Clogs are created from hair, an accumulation of cooking grease, or other solid materials that wastewater pipes are not meant to handle.
    • Old or wrecked drain lines – Older homes, in particular, might have old and wrecked drains and pipelines which can cause drain backups.

    When there is a drain backup, it can be almost impossible to keep calm and not panic because no one wants to pass through the area or stress of having to deal with a blocked drain. This is the reason Everest Drain, an emergency plumbing in Toronto should be the next thing you should think about. There are no drainage issues we won’t handle. Our team of experts is very alert and quick to answer your calls whenever such drainage issues arise. Some of these problems include blocked toilets, blocked sinks, bathrooms, blocked showers, and drain jetting and drain re-lining.

    Our team of professionals who are experts in clearing blocked drains efficiently provides services reliably, and securely. We care so much about customer satisfaction, which is why we do our best to achieve results.

    Tree roots, grease, paper, and foreign objects can cause stubborn clogs in your drain line. When the sewer line gets blocked, water will back up into your home. Call our experts today to have it cleared with our powerful hydro-jetting equipment. On addition, we , Everest Emergency Team  also do drain cleaning and flushing the  to make  old rusted drain line as it new.

drain cleaning tools for emeregency plumbing services

Residential plumbing and drain emergency services

The plumbing emergency problems at your home whether it’s your toilet that doesn’t flush or the drain is clogged or you are without hot water Everest’s team of plumbing professionals is here to resolve your emergency plumbing problem. Either it’s 07:00 in the morning or in the middle of the night, or just on the holidays or on a special occasion with a house full of family and guests, you can drop a line to us to get courteous, friendly, affordable, and effective residential plumbing services in GTA.

When you think something might be wrong with your house’s plumbing system, it’s never too early to call an emergency plumber. Is your hot water tank not working? Is your water pump making strange noises? Have you noticed any damp walls with peeling paint or stale odors? These are just some of the many signs of malfunctioning plumbing systems. If you are experiencing these kinds of plumbing issues, don’t hesitate to contact the emergency plumbers in Toronto. We will take care of all residential plumbing problems as quickly and effectively as possible while minimizing any further water damage to your home and belongings. Our team handles residential plumbing systems and can easily diagnose problems and find the most cost-effective solutions. Whether you live in a home or an apartment building, you can fully trust our plumbers. We provide emergency plumbing services to residential buildings like


From your main water pipe to your sewer line and everything in between, we have the resources to handle any home plumbing emergency quickly.

Apartment Buildings

Many apartment buildings will have technicians available to assist. However, these technicians aren’t typically able to handle major plumbing emergencies, which is why you should call our team in to help.


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Commercial plumbing and drain emergency services

Problems with plumbing and drain in your commercial businesses like a bar, café, hotel, and restaurant can be daunting and may need help outside standard hours. We team of Everest Plumbing understand the crucially and annoyance that a plumbing emergency might provoke. Our dedicated plumbers are on call 24/7 for emergency plumbing service available because some emergencies don’t wait for office hours. We value you, your employees, clients, and customers’ safety, and keeping your business running is the top priority for our team.

Plumbing issues in commercial sectors are more complex than residential emergencies as they often affect many other businesses or residents. When you are running your business plumbing issues must get resolved as quickly as possible. Sometimes due to emergency plumbing issues like a small leak or a clogged pipe can slow down or even close your business causing a bad impact on your customers and workers. It even can cause costly damage and health code violations which is why it is always recommended to contact a plumber as soon as possible to keep things running smoothly. Addressing problems quickly and restoring plumbing services are imperative for commercial businesses. Having the assistance of a reliable commercial plumber on-call 24/7 is important.

Some of the commercial facilities that need emergency plumbing and drain services are:

Restaurants, Bars, and Other Eateries

These businesses are such high-traffic areas that it’s necessary to solve plumbing problems immediately. Avoid bad reviews and health hazards by quickly calling for emergency plumbing and drain services in Toronto.

Motels, Hotels, and Resorts

Hospitality businesses often see a fast turnaround and abuse of plumbing systems that may leave a bad impression on an unsuspecting guest.

Business Offices

Complications in plumbing can lead to sales going down, employees are at risk of heath hazard and needing more sick days, and risking poor reputations. Business owners should take care of plumbing emergencies as soonest as possible to avoid these problems.

Everest Drain and Plumbing provide comprehensive emergency plumbing services for commercial business like hotel, restaurant, school or any other business sector throughout the Toronto area and the surrounding communities. We know how frustrating a plumbing emergency is, which is why we offer 24/7 hours emergency services to ease these situations while restoring the functionality of your plumbing and drainage system.


Industrial plumbing and drain emergency services

Industrial plumbing systems are wide and varied which means that they require extensive maintenance to continue running their industry smoothly. Failure to maintain these complex systems can cost you more time and money. Besides, you may even face a shutdown in the future to repair years of neglect.

Whether you have an industry that specializes in agriculture, horticulture, manufacturing & assembly, or mining, Everest Plumbing should become your plumbing contractor of choice for emergency plumbing and drain services.

We provide all types of industrial plumbing repair. Our highly experienced teams across Toronto ensure that your premises are always maintained and compliant. We provide a full range of maintenance and repair services that will save your industry money on energy and replacement parts as well as reduce the risk of getting shut down and spare you future stress. We can provide your business with regular checkups to locate common plumbing issues, making sure they don’t turn into larger problems that can debilitate your business operations. 

The plumbing system in industries or factories can go unpredictable like the weather, fine one day, chaos the next. There is always something that can go wrong. Whether your industrial site is manufacturing, warehousing, or pharmaceuticals, it’s important that you have the right industrial plumber on call to settle your every plumbing issue.

Everest Drain and Plumbing is running 24 hours a day throughout all week to ensure that your plumbing issue will be resolved immediately. No matter what time you are having the plumbing issue, we have plumbers on call 24/7 to save the day, so there is no need to wait when you need help.

Why do residential, commercial, and industrial owners across GTA love Everest Drain and Plumbing as emergency plumber?

We offer a 24-hour emergency plumbing service because some emergencies don’t wait for office hours. From burst pipes to blocked drains and everything in between plumbing emergencies, give us a call and we will have someone there to help you out as soon as possible.

  1. 24/7 Emergency Service – Will be available within 30 minutes in any location in GTA
    We provide emergency service 24 hours a day throughout all week to assure that your plumbing issue will be resolved immediately.  Our friendly team will be available with 30 minutes’ notice introducing ourselves, so you know who to expect on arrival. Our plumbers arrive on time, so we highly recommend you to call us for any kind of emergency plumbing and drain services.
  2. Licensed and Insured
    Everest Drain and Plumbing has a team of fully licensed, certified, and insured plumbers. All of our plumbers have received extensive training, making them experts in their field. When you call us, you can get assured that any plumbing repair and installation will be done right. Moreover, we guarantee our work and strive for customer satisfaction.

    Best emergency plumber badges from best toronto group
  3. Workmanship and satisfaction guaranteed
    All of our plumbing experts wear Everest Plumbing uniforms so they are easy to identify. On arrival, they will introduce themselves and take off their work boots as a sign of respect to your home and business. On initial, they will inspect the issue and provide advice, suggestions, and solutions. They go through the job and make sure you are not just satisfied but are blown away by the service they have provided.
  4. Same day service for general service
    While every emergency plumbing service cost varies depending on the situation, you can rest assured that Everest Drain and Plumbing provides a transparent rate upfront before any work begins. Our affordable costs keep our customers happy, while upfront pricing keeps you fully informed. Not only will we provide services that need to be done, but we’ll provide all the available options to you so you can make the most informed decision about your plumbing services. You won’t make our customers surprised by hidden fees or overtime charges.

  5. Upfront Quotes
    While every emergency plumbing service cost varies depending on the situation, you can rest assured that Everest Drain and Plumbing provides a transparent rate upfront before any work begins. Our affordable costs keep our customers happy, while upfront pricing keeps you fully informed. Not only will we provide services that need to be done, but we’ll provide all the available options to you so you can make the most informed decision about your plumbing services. You won’t make our customers surprised by hidden fees or overtime charges.

Everest Team providing Emergency plumbing Service

Emergency Reponse Tool and Equipment

Basic Tips to Prevent Drain or Plumbing Disaster

A plumbing disaster happens. If it hasn’t, it will. Following are things you should remember to save yourself from a plumbing disaster:

  1. Locate and learn where to shut off the water in case of leaks or bursts. Turn off the main water supply to your home from the meter. There are several valves to turn off and on, so be sure to learn where they are and how they are operated.
  2. Regularly check the readings on your water meter and water bill. By doing this you can make sure your usage matches the billed amount and detect leaks more easily this way.
  3. Buy a water pressure gauge to make sure the pressure stays less than 80 psi. High water pressure is the most common cause of water leaks.
  4. Learn the location of the sewage system’s clean-out plugs and for both septic and sewers, you can handle clogging easily if you know where the clean-out plugs are.
  5. Know how to shut the water supply to your water heater. If any issue with the water heater appears, you should know where to turn off its water supply so that you can still use water instead of completely cutting off all supplies.
  6. Keep a regular plunger and drain snake handy. The plunger and drain snake has their specific use to unclog the clogged drain.
  7. Locate the valves on each plumbing fixture for shutting them off in case of emergencies.
  8. Locate and learn to cut off the water supply to every plumbing fixture. Prevent water damage to everything else by shutting off the water. Keep an eye out on diggers.
  9. Inspect your pipes and fixtures regularly. Check for potential signs of a problem with your plumbing. Run water in various fixtures and look for leaks or clogged drains. Check the pipes if they are visibly corroded or dimpled as this could be a sign that they may soon develop holes.

Things to do while waiting for Emergency Plumber

  • Shut off the water supply
    If you’re unsure from where the problem is occurring, it’s safest to shut off the main water valve. If there is a leak coming from a certain place, you can shut off the water directly to that area.
  • Don’t use chemicals
    Using store-bought chemical drain cleaners may seem like a good idea as it works for a certain period, but the reality is you may end up making the problem worse by damaging pipes.
  • Check the electric appliances
    Electricity and water are not good and their coming into contact with each other can lead to more severe problems. During a pipe leak, water can flow out of the pipes and come into contact with your electric appliances. So turn off the electricity meter and do not turn it on unless the problem is fixed or the leak area is dry.
  • Move furniture and other valuables to a dry area
    The water can damages your furniture and valuables things. Once wet, each of these things can be damaged beyond repair. So move all valuable things away from standing water.
  • Don’t delay calling a professional
    Not getting emergency services might lead to your plumbing costs being higher due to more extensive damages happening while you wait.

Even the best plumbing systems that receive regular inspection and maintenance will sometimes develop some type of issue. Mostly, these issues come about when we least expect them. Getting professional help is vital because there may be issues that are beyond you. Aside from fixing your plumbing issues, call Everest Drain and Plumbing for the following reasons;

  • Advice on the best and suitable products to use
  • Guarantee of professional service


  • Drain Clogged
  • Pipe Brust
  • Flooded Basement
  • Leaky Faucect

Call Everest Drain & Plumbing for a quote

(416) Everest (383-7378)

Find out why homeowners across GTA love Everest Drain and Plumbing

There are a ton of plumbing companies across the GTA and everyone claims that they are best in business. But it one thing to say “we are the best” and a whole other thing to hear satisfied clients say “you are the best”.

To help you decide on choosing the right plumber, we have listed some points.

  • 1. Do you service after business hours?

    Absolutely! We operate 24 hours a day, 7 days per week to ensure you are quickly taken care of. Call us on(416) 383-7378 for all your plumbing needs.

  • 2. Do you offer emergency plumbing services where I live?

    We serve the Greater Toronto Area. You can view our GTA service area map here.

  • 3. What to do while waiting for the plumber in an emergency?

    Find the valve and turn it off immediately to stop the flow of water. After then seal the impacted area. Thereby, that will cut the water supply to your home and businesses and minimize water damage.

  • 4. Are your plumbers fully qualified and insured?

    Yes, all our plumbers are highly qualified, licensed, and insured.

  • 5. Do you provide after-service support?

    We do timely check-ups on existing pipework and drain and sewer systems to ensure your plumbing & drainage system is functioning well.

  • 6. How much does a plumber cost in Toronto?

    We will charge (such as e.g. fixture quality, quantity, job time, and location) can influence the total cost of your plumbing project, but the following are the major ones that can make a big difference.

  • 7. How professional is your team?

    Our plumbers are highly skilled to hear you out, courteous, uniformed, and willing to answer any and all of your questions.

  • 8. Do you fix work previously done by other plumbers?

    Of course! We would be happy to do an assessment and let you know the options and costs to fix your plumbing problem once and for all.

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