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Plumbing Services and Maintenance

Plumbing services play an important role in your home or business as oxygen to your body. So, if minor plumbing problems like leaky pipes and gurgling toilets go unnoticed or even ignored it may hit a crisis in the coming days. Not addressing these problems as soon as possible could cause severe damage to your home improvement. Luckily, we offer a wide range of plumbing services in GTA that help you avoid a disaster. From a dripping tap to a broken pipe, if you suspect any signs of a problem, it is best to contact us immediately to stop the plumbing issues and problem before it deteriorates.

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Sector We Provide Plumbing Services

  • Residential Plumbing Services
    The plumbing problems in your home can occur at any time. Failing to maintain a proper plumbing system in your home could lead to your family’s health and safety at stake. As homeowners ourselves, we know the importance of finding the right plumbing services you can fully rely on. From repairing your leaky pipes to providing a water heater repair, we’ll get it done quickly.
  • Commercial Plumbing Services
    When your business is on the line, plumbing issues must be resolved immediately. No matter what types of commercial properties you have, big or small, office or retail buildings, cafes, or hotels, our plumbers have the advanced training and heavy equipment necessary to tackle the plumbing problems you face. We can fix any of your plumbing problems, anytime without delay.
  • Industrial Plumbing Services
    The needs of industrial companies are wide and diverse. Whether your business specializes in manufacturing, agriculture, horticulture, or mining, our team of experts provides the best plumbing services that you can count on for excellent, top-level care. We provide the best maintenance and servicing of your plumbing systems to ensure your workplace is safe and operating at maximum efficiency. 

Our Plumbing Services in Greater Toronto Area

As a  team of professional plumbers in Toronto, we provide a wide array of services and tailor our services to fit your exact needs. Some of our plumbing services in the Greater Toronto Area are:

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  • Fixtures installation

    The plumbing fixtures are the parts that are connected to a plumbing system and carry water through a building. We use the plumbing fixtures every day and probably take them for granted until they stop working. A faulty shower head, bathtub, sink, toilet, or faucet can interrupt your daily routine and cause a lot of unnecessary stress. Rely on our experts for new plumbing fixtures installation. We have a wide range of brands, so you have plenty of choices for your next installation job.

    • Hot water tank

      If you ever have problems with a hot water tank or considering installing a new hot water tank give us a call today for all your hot water tank installation, service, and repair needs.  We will decide the size and type of equipment to suit your particular needs and provide the highest efficiency to save you money.

    • Faucet Installation

      Faucets have many small parts that can wear out or break over time. In this situation, water may begin spraying uncontrollably all over the wall or room, and need a plumber to fix the issue as soon as possible. Call our professionals to come and handle the situation. If you need a faucet for the bathroom sink, the kitchen sink, or the toilet, we have you covered.

    • Toilet Repair and Replacement

      Toilets are very durable fixtures, but sooner or later you’ll likely want to upgrade or replace them. If your toilet has given up then you need a new one installed immediately. To install a new toilet, your old toilet has to be removed safely and securely. You need an expert hand to dispose of the toilet and install a new one. Contact us for all your toilet problems to ensure you get the best in all aspects of the job. We source top-quality parts and products and use the best techniques to get the job done.

    • Valve Replacement

      Having plumbing valves functioning and operating efficiently will undoubtedly impact the entire plumbing system. As the valve controls the pressure and flow of fluid through pipes, ensuring your home plumbing system is equipped with the correct one is crucial. So when your water valve or gas valve becomes defective, get in touch with us for excellent valve repair and valve replacement. We have the skills and experience to do the job quickly and correctly to deliver the best service in Toronto.

    • Hose Replacement

      Water dripping off the flexible hose beneath the sink, basin, and tubs indicates a leak somewhere in the hose. To prevent a water hose from rupturing at your property always get our expert plumber to install a new one. They work with every plumbing equipment that is used at home or in industry and choose the right length hose to ensure it’s not too loose or tight as either improper installation will cause the braiding to unravel and the hose to break which will cause a major leak.

  • Hydronic heating system

    If you are looking for the best heating system for your home or business, then a hydronic heating system is the right choice. And it has several benefits that set it apart from alternatives you may be considering. Call Everest Drain as we provide the best in European standards and Canadian ethics, making sure that you are completely pleased with our work starting from the very beginning till the end. Our expert technicians will measure your properties to make sure you get the right size and kind of system that will work best with your plan. We aim to provide you with the most economical, efficient, and environment-friendly central heating system.
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  • Trenchless pipe restoration

    Looking for innovative pipe repair solutions that don’t require digging? Then, trenchless pipe restoration is an advanced plumbing procedure that effectively replaces the existing pipeline without tearing up the landscape at your building. Our team is happy to inspect your pipes, confirm the best way to repair them, and complete the job in a given time with no harm to your landscape and less burden to your wallet.

    plumbing service using trenchless pipe restoration technologyRead More: Trenchless Technology

  • Water service replacement

    Your plumbing’s main pipelines may break or leak due to various factors such as sunlight, erosion, or chemical substances. This directly affects the water system of buildings and presents health concerns for people of all ages, mostly old people, pregnant women, and young children. Replacement of your water pipe is the best way to ensure you have high-quality tap water. So always remember us for any kind of water replacement services in Toronto. Read More: Water service replacement

  • Booster pump installation for high rise building

    Multi-level buildings like residential buildings, apartments, hotels, and large-scale industries have very complex and challenging plumbing systems. Water main supply pressures can supply water only up to a typical two-story building, but higher buildings may need pressure booster systems. This main booster pump will increase the building’s water pressure to an adequate amount for all residents living in the building. To install a booster pump system, it is recommended to hire a professional plumber as an initial assessment of the plumbing system is needed. Our team at Everest Plumbing can analyze your current setup and provide you with the right options for upgrading your system’s performance.

  • Weeping tile system installation

    The weeping tile system installation is increasingly becoming a popular choice for basement waterproofing. It helps to prevent water from entering and damaging your basement. If you have a wet basement and are looking for a solution to the drainage problem, we professional plumbers in Toronto are ready to help. Our investigation allows us to identify the cause of the leakage and then correct your weeping tile. The properly installed weeping tile system will keep your basement dry for the life of your buildings.
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  • Water softener installation

    The most effective way to protect your entire building from hard water is with a water-softening system. It removes minerals in water that cause rust stains, calcium buildup, and more issues in your pipes and appliances. If you are considering installing a water softener, then get help from Everest Drain, a trusted water softener installer in Toronto. Their recommendation and proper installation could save you headaches and maintenance issues in the long run.
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As a team of professional general contractors, we have built a great reputation in GTA and are the first choice for plumbing services in this area. Whether it’s your residential, commercial, or industrial building, if you need new plumbing equipment installed or existing plumbing repair, we are here to help. We offer consultation, design, and installation of plumbing for all sectors like a restaurant, hotels, businesses, dental, condominiums, schools, etc. With our many years of experience, our full-service plumbing team is ready to help with whatever your plumbing needs are, from leaky pipes to hot water installation, from new connections to old connection services. 

We are proud to be one of the most trusted plumbing companies in Toronto. We aim to give you trouble-free plumbing services. Our customers love working with us because of our good services and expert plumbers. Since 2013, we have been providing the best plumbing services to residential, commercial, and industrial buildings in Toronto. We are known for having the best reputation for reliability and quality service and work hard to keep that reputation. So, when you search for emergency plumbing services throughout Toronto, there’s no need to look further than Everest PlumbingOur team of professional plumbers works 24/7 to give you a 100% satisfaction guarantee with peace of mind.

Why Everest for Plumbing Contract and Services?

Everest Drain and Plumbing provides fast, reliable, and effective plumbing services as a professional Toronto Plumber. We use modern equipment to directly rectify your plumbing problems and repair them right away. We inspect the whole plumbing system to identify the exact cause of the problem whether it is leaky, cracked, crushed, or misaligned plumbing pipes. We are your locally trusted plumber in Toronto, and our goal is to keep our customer’s life easy. 

But there are more reasons for choosing us! We pride ourselves as a company that meets the following standards: 

  • We offer plumbing service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.
  • As professional and licensed plumbers in Toronto, we can take full responsibility for all your plumbing issues and needs. 
  • Highly educated, certified, and field working experience plumber.
  • Our plumbers handle all plumbing projects. 
  • We use advanced tools and technologies to fix or install your plumbing needs.
  • We work with plumbing code and provide the best & affordable rates guaranteed.

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  • Toilet Installation and Replacement
  • Hot Water Tank Installation
  • Faucet Installation
  • Fixture Installation

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Plumbing Services FAQs

  • 1. Do you offer plumbing services where I live?

    We provide plumbing services in GTA. View our service area map here.

  • 2. Are your plumbers licensed and insured?

    Yes. Our all plumbers are fully licensed, insured, and fully qualified to work on residential, commercial and industrial projects

  • 3. How much will my work cost?

    Well, it depends! We have to see what the situation is in your building before we provide a quote. This is because plumbing can be very different in different buildings. Please contact us here to get a quote.

  • 4. How to check if I have a leak?

    Check your water meter and record the level. Do not use any water for a few hours, then go back and check the meter again. If you find the level of the water meter has changed, you probably have a leak. Have us to take care of right away.

  • 5. Should I repair or replace leaky faucets?

    If your faucet is small, faucet repair is a perfect option. But, if your faucet is too badly corroded, faucet replacement is the best idea and possibly cheaper.

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