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how do you deal with hair in the shower drain?

Every single family needs 4-6 drains at least: bathroom, kitchen, laundry room, bathtub sink etc. To get rid of clogging, we recommend using a hair catcher. It is easy to use as it has hole pattern design which traps all  types of drains.

Even with a serious shower, the drain hair catcher won’t get pushed out of place. The hole pattern design drain protector can trap all types of hair and keep small debris passing into the pipes while allowing water to pass through harmful cleaners, pricey plumbers and clogged drains are never coming to you.

Everest Drain And Plumbing provides many types of hair drain catcher services which helps to get rid of clogging your drain. It solves the problem of clogged drains in your kitchen, laundry room, bathroom, tub bath etc.

Everest Plumbing Nov 08, 2021
How do you deal with hair in the shower drain
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While searching for a shower drain hair catcher, you’ll notice there are two main types;

Why Is a Hair Drain Catcher Important?

A Hair drain catcher is important to prevent hair from slipping through into the pipes, but also doesn’t block the flow of water. some of the useful importance are as follows:

Hair in the shower drain or bathroom isn’t just unsightly; it can cause bad smells, clogs, and serious blockages. The best shower drain hair catcher snags hair before it slips down the drain, preventing problems before they start.

  • To prevent leakage:

You can easily prevent leakage by placing a hair drain catcher in our bathrooms, kitchen, laundry rooms, bathtub, etc. it catches all the drains before it reaches the pipelines and prevents leakage.

  • Saves money and time:

A drain hair catcher is a simple, affordable solution that can prevent a pricey plumber’s bill down the line. There is no need for any plumbers to catch the clogged drains. it need small space to fit in our bathrooms, kitchen, laundry rooms, bathtub, etc.

For what Drain Hair Catcher Shower is most important  ?

  • Kitchen: with stainless steel construction and uniquely ergonomic design, the kitchen sink shroom will neatly catch food particles without stopping the flow of water. No matter how much refuse or food is gathered in the basket, optimal hole placement keeps water flowing and keeps dirty dish water from rising.
  • Bathroom: the bathroom shroom plunger is the most effective way to clear your clogged bathroom drains by pushing out of the clog in one simple step. The shroom head was designed to heat the vast majority of bathrooms out there.
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  • Laundry room: hair catcher laundry is very convenient to use and it helps to keep your drain from clogging in your bathroom and kitchen with the help of those utility sink drain strainer.

1. A shower drain screen:

A shower drain screen captures hair and other debris before it has the chance to slip in. simply place it over the drain and get rid of the collected hair when you see that it’s full. Only downside to this style? It may not stay in place as well as in-drain catcher. To help with this, some options are weighted or have suction cups.

2. An in-drain hair catcher:

it grabs the hair as soon as it enters the drain. It can be a bit more complicated to install if you have a drain cover, since you’ll need to remove it, but it’s still totally double for most. Since it sits inside the drain, you may not notice when it needs a good cleaning. Make sure you check regularly to see if it needs emptying.

Materials of Drain Hair catcher

1. Silicone:

It is flexible, easy-to-clean, and won’t slip around to shower. It catches hair without blocking water drainage and prevents toys from escaping down the drain. It is tall, dome shaped and accommodates both flat and pop up drains. The edges of the drain protector sit flush with the tub so the hair gets through.

2. Stainless steel:

it is rust resistant and durable, but may not stay in place quite as well.

  • Innovative detachable design: the basket design can completely catch all hair and small debris. Nothing but water can pass into your drains. It is easy to mount and detach the basket by hand.
  • Easy to use and clean: basket handle allows for easy installation, removal and cleaning. Clean it by detaching the basket for optimal results.
  • Long-lasting construction: built with long lasting stainless steel. It prevents rust and stands up to countless showers without showing signs of wear and tear.

3. Plastic:

it tends to be flimsy and can get grimy quickly. Because of this, there is less plastic drain catcher use. Besides, it’s excellent uses, it also works as a decoration coloring your home. It is better on a smooth tile surface. Suitable for drain, cover less than 4.7*7.4 inches and also make sure that hair catcher is suitable for your drain before using it.

  • Non-deformable: our hair catcher is made of high-quality silicone, durable and resistant to deformation.
  • Easy to clean and use: easy to clean because of its round hole innovative design for easy cleaning of debris, it is recommended to regularly clean the hair trap to prevent blockage and ensure drainage speed.

Do hair catchers work shower?

Fortunately, the best shower Drain hair catchers stop your hair from clogging the drain, all while still allowing your shower water to flow as usual. It grabs the hair as soon as it enters the drain and also prevents calling a plumber to remove hair from clogging which can be costly and inconvenient.

How do I keep hair out of my shower drain?

Frequently, cleaning out clogged drains is the best way to keep our hair out of shower drain. And also place a dryer sheet or washcloth over the drain during the bath and when draining the tub.

Does the Tub-shroom really work?

Yes, the tub shroom really works. People love how tub shroom  easily catches even long, thick hair, and keeps drains safe and clean of hair and people use Tub shroom when washing their pups to catch all of the sheeding.


Finally, we came to know that drain hair catcher has a great contribution in our kitchen, bathroom, and laundry room. To get rid of clogging we can easily use a hair drain catcher. Use of a hair drain catcher prevents us from calling a plumber to remove clogging which is costly and inconvenient. The innovative detachable and non-deformable designs of drain hair catcher make it more comfortable and easy to use.

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