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How to deal with Grease in Your Drain?

The grease in your drain can cause a big problem in your home. When the amount of the grease collected more inside your drain, drain becomes narrow. Things can be messy and smelly inside your kitchen when the grease acclimation increases.

We the best Plumber Toronto (Everest Drain & plumbing) is the drain cleaner in Toronto. we really care about your drain. To remove grease from your drain and save your home, you can use the following points:

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How to significantly remove or reduce Grease in Your Drain?

With the care of the drain, you can surely clean your drain yourself. You will need following material for that

  1. Anti-Grease Dish Soap
  2. Caustic cleaner
  3. Hot water
  4. Bleaching agent
  5. Working gloves

After having these materials and tools you can proceed to the following points:

Step 1 – Prevention is better than cure:

All we know that Prevention is always better than cure. By the proper prevention, you can surely save your money to repair the drainage due to the grease acclimation. Thus, never not pour grease into your kitchen sink. While you are making food, do not flush ingredients such as butter, margarine, lard, fats, and other greasy substances into your sink. When washing the dishes too, first soak them in grease dissolving cleaner to clear oil and fats.

Step 2 – Use the Right Dish Soap

By using the right soap to clean the sink and the utensils, you can decrease the amount of the grease that enters the drain pipes. In the supermarkets, you can find certain types of dish soaps having active anti-grease features. This will surely help prevent your sink from getting all clogged up with grease.

Step 3 -Caustic Cleaners for Clear the Drain

Whenever you are dealing with stubborn clogged due to grease, you may need some caustic cleaners to clear off the blockages.

In order to clean the drain, pour a large amount of concentrated caustic cleaners into your kitchen sink then do not pour for at least an hour.

As the clog is bit worst then you need it to keep for the whole night or day. Then you may flush your drain with warm soapy water. Keep on flushing until the water starts to flow freely down the drain.

If you follow How to deal with Grease in Your Drain? points, you can surely stay away from the drain problems from grease.

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