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Kitchen Sink Clogged | A Common Drain Issue

One of the most common and frequent drain issues in residential homes is a kitchen sink. Similarly, Whether for meal preparation or cleanup, it assists in fixing slow draining sink by providing a passage for water used to wash dishes, vegetables, cutlery, cooking utensils, and sometimes, food items. However, other substances apart from water that pass through the sink could make the sink clog over time. Occasional clogs in the blocked sink are a fact of life. Also, A kitchen sink can bring an inconvenience to the entire household which can be irritating. Likewise,  It is such an unpleasant experience no one would wish to have, although it can happen if the kitchen sink is mishandled by putting in items or stuff not meant for it. Not only is it a huge inconvenience in the household, but clogged kitchen drains are disastrous, as they build up germs & bacteria and create an odor-inducing problem in clogged dishwashers for everyone.

Everest Plumbing Jul 15, 2020
Kitchen Sink Clogged
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Kitchen Sink Clogged as common residental housing Issues.

Every homeowner will perhaps experience this kind of nuisance at least once in their life and if you don’t sort it out soon, there’s a good chance it’ll bring some health issues in your home and surroundings. A clogged kitchen sink will bring all kitchen activities to a halt in your home or businesses like restaurants and bars. To avoid such inconveniences and frustration, you should acknowledge that your kitchen sink can get clogged as a result of several causes. Knowing what causes your kitchen sink clog will help you stop repeating those mistakes, and avoid the frustration and costly drain cleaning services.

clogged kitchen sink drain line and drain backup

Common causes of a kitchen sink clogged

  • Grease
  • Food stuck in the drain
  • Foreign objects
  • Coffee grounds, bones, and eggshells
  • Hair

It is not good to put everything down the drain whether you have a garbage disposal or not. Do not forget to remove debris from the filter after washing dishes or using the sink. Otherwise, the debris accumulates in the drain to cause a clogged kitchen sink. Therefore, keep the drain and filter-free of unnecessary debris to prevent expensive drain cleaning services. It costs nothing to dispose of kitchen waste properly and clean the sink’s filter.

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Kitchen sink clogged can ultimately get cleared using

If you can’t unclog the kitchen sink using one of these steps, the actual problem may be in the main drain with the backwater valve. They are usually caused by heavy rainfall which can cause the sewer to surcharge and back up into homes, resulting in clogged kitchen sinks. When drainage is not following the rules, you are going to need to install a backwater valve. The valve acts as a physical barrier installed in a building drainage pipe that allows the sewage to flow in one direction, prevents the backflow from the kitchen sink, and stops the kitchen sink from being clogged.

If your property already has a properly installed backwater valve, you shouldn’t experience much in the way of problems, as long as you have been maintaining it properly. Certain things can get stuck, preventing the valve from closing, or the valve can even get damaged by those items. Proper and regular maintenance can pinpoint these issues before there is a serious problem. To inspect your home’s backwater valve,  it is recommended to have a professional plumber and get your main drain line cleaned.  Professionals from Everest Plumbing and Drain are drain specialists and work with only the best machinery and technology.  This ensures that your kitchen sink or drain doesn’t have to remain blocked because what you use is something powerful enough. 

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