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Water Saving Tips for Toronto Residents

Our country does not really have a water scarcity problem but still, water saving is green option. It is also something many companies are capitalizing in.  Today, they strive to create “greener” products with water saving. Huge corporate have started to employ energy consultants to help reduce their carbon footprint in the workplace. The same pattern can be observed in Toronto homeowners too.

As such, Everest Drain and Plumbing is encouraging Toronto homeowners and business owners to save water. As certified provider of commercial plumbing services and residential plumbing services in Toronto, Everest takes pride in being an eco-friendly company. Our team of Toronto plumber has compiled a few water saving tips for you. After all, EVERY DROP COUNTS.

Everest Plumbing Sep 09, 2016
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Shorter Showers Rather than Full Bath Everyday

We know that not showering is not an option. What we can do is minimize our bath time. Instead of taking a full bath every day that takes gallons and gallons of water, we can take short showers and a full bath maybe once a week. Save time and save water at the same time.

Install Water Saving Devices

Water saving devices can be bought from most hardware stores or plumbing suppliers these days. Fit these to taps used often and shower roses. These devices are effective and can last almost up to 2 years. When you install these devices helps you to save water dramatically.

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Reuse Household Water in Garden

Re-using bath, shower and basin water in the garden is a great way to reduce water wastageAvoid putting soap water in edible plants.

Everest Drain and Plumbing is premier provider of commercial plumbing services and residential plumbing services in Toronto. We are eco-friendly Toronto plumbers who are on their way to BECOMING GREEN in every aspect. Toronto is a green town and we can help it with saving water.

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