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Time to Repair Bathroom Sink Drain Leaks Yourself! Do it right NOW!!

If we do not solve the problems leaky bathroom sink drain can lead to major problems.  The bucket under the sink may have deposition of the waste material, which may cause the sink to leak. A leak will also get worse which will end up damaging the drain further. This can lead to much costlier repairs. To repair bathroom sink drain leaks Yourself is straight forward works.

What tool you will need to repair??

  • Wrench Plumbers
  • putty
  • Rubber washers
  • Flashlight

Step 1: Shut Off Water Supply line

Whenever you work with plumbing problems, you should cut the water off. For a bathroom sink, you can just use the shut-off valves that are found under the sink itself. After the water is off, open the water line by turning both the hot and cold water on. This will allow any water in the pipes to drain out, preventing a watery mess later.

Step 2: Check the Joints of plumbing pipes

A sink drain tends to leak around the joints most commonly. You might need to crawl under the cabinet with a flashlight to find a leak. If you find leaking joints, you can tighten the joints by hand, and use a wrench to secure it. You do not want to over tighten or you can actually make the joint looser, causing it to leak more. Once the joints are tightened, you can turn the water back on and test to see if the leak is corrected. If it is, you have done it. If not, move on to the next step.

Step 3:  Try to Replace Washers

If the above step did not work, turn the water back off at the shut-off valve. Now, remove the joints from the pipes and check the rubber washers. The washers are used to help secure the pipes together. Simple replace the rubber washers, reconnect the joints to the pipes, and test it again. If it still leaks, goes on to the next step with the water cut off again.

Step 4: Check if there if Rust

The rusted pipe can leak around the drain as well. Rust will damage the pipe and cause small holes and cracks that water can easily get through. Also, take your flashlight and inspect the pipes under the bathroom sink for signs of rust. If you see rust, remove the pipe and take it to a home improvement store to purchase a new one. Replace the rubber washer, and place the new segment of pipe in place. Now tighten the joint, and test the drain again.

Step 5: Temporary Solutions

If the above steps have stopped the drain from leaking, use some plumbers putty around the area where you see the water coming from. This is not meant to fix the problem but will give you a temporary seal until you can get a professional to correct the problem.

If you cannot solve the problems yourself, Call to professional Toronto Plumber for repairing bathroom sink drain leaks at 416-383-7378.

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