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Things You Should Never Flush Down The Toilet

Are you tired of dealing with a clogged toilet? Then, you’re probably using your toilet the wrong way. That’s to say if you flush anything and everything down your toilet it will clog. The answer to what you can flush down the toilet depends on your home and city’s plumbing. Still, there are many things you should never flush down the toilet. You see, your toilet isn’t a garbage can and if you treat it that way, it will easily get backed up and overflow. If you want to keep your plumbing free and clear then there are some things that you can avoid flushing down the toilet.

The Everest Drain and Plumbing suggest following items which harm than good if flushed down your toilet, so maybe it’s time for some new rules around your house.

Everest Plumbing Jun 01, 2018
Drain clogged due to paper towel
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Here are the Things You Should Never Flush Down The Toilet

1. Bathroom Wipes

The problem with Bathroom Wipes is that they create clogs and backups in sewer systems. Although wipes are great for usage, they do not flush as well as it was once suggested. Many of the wipes even say “flushable” or “disposable,” which gives a thought that they can be flushed down the toilet. Once stuck, toilet paper or wipes create a blockage, which can add up to big bills to fix.

Can you flush baby wipes down the toilet? No. Baby wipes should NEVER be flushed down the toilet and are Just like bathroom Wipes the are causing huge problems for sewage treatment centres.

2. Dental floss

Dental Floss may look small and harmless. Despite feeling like string, it is not biodegradable hence, slowly but surely it causes a clog. Once flushed, it loves to wrap itself around other objects in the pipeline, making tiny clogs bigger in an instant.

3. Cotton balls

Tiny cotton balls seem harmless, but it just won’t break down. It may take months or years for a fatty ball of them to accumulate. They just clump up in your pipes ultimately creating a blockage, which then has to be unblocked by hand.

4. Hair

Hair may be a natural fibre that comes from our bodies, but they aren’t degradable material. It can wreak havoc on your pipes and tangle up and stick to anything they pass in your sewage system. Not only can it clog drains, but it can also trap other things leading to unpleasant odours and slow drains.

5. Tampons

Tampons are designed to be absorbent and they’ll expand past the point of where they can pass through the pipes. They are labelled as “flushable” but they are really just a clog waiting to happen. In addition, the fabric is not designed to be biodegradable. Tampons, for instance, should never to be flushed down the toilet. The same applies to cotton pads and swabs. The best way is to wrap the item in tissue and throw it in the garbage.

6. Kitty litter

Some people have to get rid of the smell of kitty litter. But, just like the other absorbent items on this list, it will expand with water and potentially clog pipes. Also, there are toxic ingredients in the kitty litter that shouldn’t be introduced to the water system. This will cause an unbelievably horrendous clog. Those large clumps that make it down your toilet won’t be going anywhere.

7. Fat, Oil or Grease

Almost everyone has probably done this one at some point, but cooking fats should never go down the drain or in a toilet. They may look like liquids now, but after they are cool down they turn into a wax that will clog your drains. These items are best to go in the garbage can.

What to do Instead?

The solution is simple. Put a wastebasket next to your toilet and dispose of everything that you have to throw away. Get a wastebasket with a lid on it if you have a dog in your home. If you don’t want your toilet backing up every other day, that’s what you’ll do.

If your toilet is already clogged, don’t flush it. Instead get your plunger and try to eliminate the clog that way. This won’t cause your toilet to overflow and flood your bathroom. If you have done everything and still couldn’t get rid of them then fast, professional, and meticulous work is what our Toronto plumbers are known for! We work with you to explain the problem in a way you understand and conscientiously work to make sure the job is done right while taking care to protect your home in the process.

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