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Sewer Line Repair – How To Fix Sewer Lines

Do you ever think about sewer line repair & what happens when your drains start gurgling, flow slowly to drain, backing up, or are smelly? Also, This may not seem like a big problem but should be addressed quickly to avoid significant clogs, drain backup, or further damage to the Pipes. Likewise, Suppose blocked drains inconvenience you. In that case, the likelihood is that your home or business will be unable to function due to no sewer line repair. Also, Drain problems are the messiest and unhygienic household and industrial obstacles that anyone could face. It creates a massive inconvenience in our daily lives. Likewise, your home or business might create a troublesome situation without proper drainage.

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Sewer line repair
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So what are the Common Drain Problems?

Blocked Toilet Drains

The most common home drainage problem occurs from a clogged toilet drain. Toilets have the most direct path to the main drain and use giant drain pipes for all the fixtures, so this is usually where problems appear first. You may notice the toilet overflow or a backup when flushing the toilet may point to a blocked drain pipe or a clog in the toilet itself. What is a significant sign of the main drain problem?

Blocked Sink Drains

The next strange problem is trapped air in the plumbing system. You may hear the gurgling sound if you run water in a sink, especially a sink closest to the toilet or kitchen. Besides, you may also notice the slowly declining water and bad smell from the drain when the water goes down. However, most sinks have a trap system to prevent large objects from going down the drain. Those traps can become clogged with hair, food particles, and other entities that slip down the drain.

Damaged Storm Water Drains

During summer, rainfall is expected, which raises the water level. The rise in water level can overflow and turn into a flood that causes drain issues. Unfortunately, most homeowners notice stormwater drain issues when heavy rain comes and bubbles up from the property’s ground. So a properly functioning stormwater drainage system is necessary to remove rainwater from your property fast and efficiently.

Why is your Drain Blocking?

  • A buildup of daily refuse
  • Drain destroyers such as toiletries, food residue, grease, straws, hair, and Organic matter
  • Pipes that have broken and caved
  • Tree roots enter damaged joints or cracks in old earthenware clay pipes
  • Plants and Dirt
  • Bad pipe installation
  • Even electronic gadgets like mobile and ear pods

Plumbers today have a variety of sophisticated devices they use to unblock drains. However, first, they often have to locate and identify the problem. In the past, there were no visible signs of drain leakage, which was a time-consuming and costly job. But now, the plumbers use CCTV cameras and the latest technologies that allow them to see what’s inside the pipes and pinpoint the location of the blockage. This process also will enable technicians to diagnose the problems in your drain pipe without having to dig it up. When the problem is identified, the plumber can quickly unblock the drain using the appropriate tools. Drain Repairs include

CCTV Drainage Inspection

Use CCTV technologies to survey underground pipes suspected of being required for repair. It allows you to inspect your drains and determine how to best repair them with minimal impact on your property and grounds. 

Clearing Blocked drains, toilets, and sewers

Once the root of the drainage problem is discovered, focus on unblocking and clearing the drain. Kitchen sinks often have blockages due to grease and fats being poured into the drains, and bathroom pipes often have blockages caused by trapped hair and soap scum. The most effective way to release drain or toilet blockages is by using a drain jetter. The high-pressure hydro-jetting equipment lets tunnel vision break up and blast out a drain blockage using high-pressure and high-velocity water.

Drain excavation

After inspecting the drain system and identifying the problem, sometimes there may not be any choice other than to excavate and renew the faulty part of the drain. Drain excavation is the physical digging of a hole or trench to the drain to destroy or eliminate anything from the problem area.

Drain relining

Drain relining is a process that attempts to repair the drain pipes by curing them from the inside using a unique resin substance. This can be the most effective method of fixing breaks and leaks in your sewer and stormwater drainage system. It effectively installs a brand new pipe inside your old drain pipe, which can even be stronger than the old pipe. Drain replacement When a drain leak or is blocked even after maintenance, the pipes are damaged beyond repair. The only solution is a complete drain replacement. The old drains and pipes causing you many problems are taken out of the ground and replaced with fresh new pipes.

A reliable plumbing specialist who can fix blocked drains quickly will save your day to fix blocked drainage issues.

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