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Clogged Toilet

Clogged toilet all the time? When you wake up in the morning, go to the toilet, finish doing your business, and flush the toilet. But instead of going down the drain, the water comes up along with whatever you just deposited in the commode. Wouldn’t you panic at that moment? 

Seeing that your toilet is being clogged is probably one of the most disgusting things you will face. And it can cause serious distress for the whole family. To avoid such inconveniences, you should acknowledge that your toilet can get clogged as a result of several causes. Knowing what causes your toilet clog and following preventative measures will help you stop repeating such mistakes, and avoid costly Drain cleaning services.

Everest Plumbing Jul 21, 2020
Clogged Toilet
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Common causes of clogged toilet

  • Flushing non-flushable items
    The only waste you should flush down a toilet is human waste and toilet paper. But paper towels, sanitary pads, and baby wipes are not meant to be flushed down the toilet. Be aware of your family members about what’s safe to flush and what isn’t. It is also a good idea to keep a large trash bin in your bathroom to dispose of non-flushable items easier.
  • The toilet trap is blocked
    The trap is a S-shaped tube that combines your toilet and the drain line. If something like a hair clip or toothbrush gets flushed down the toilet, it could be stuck in the trap. Then, each time you flush, more debris gets trapped around this object eventually leading to a clog. Using a plunger should loosen any blockage and remove the clog. And if there are more stubborn clogs, it can be cleared with a toilet auger.
  • Problems in the main sewer line
    Due to a sewer line problem, the toilet gets clogged. Defects in the Backwater Valve installed in your sewer line can create a backup. Unfortunately, you need a professional to inspect your sewer line to see if there is any problem. Ignoring sewer line problems means your toilet keeps clogging and eventually, does more damage to your home’s plumbing system. If you suspect a sewer line clog call a plumber to schedule sewer repair services.
  • The plumbing vent is blocked
    All your toilet drains vent out your roof. This helps you get a good flush. If the vent becomes clogged or blocked, your toilet will drain slowly or won’t drain, leading to a clog problem.
    Go to your home’s roof and locate where the toilet vent penetrates through the roof. Remove the vent cap to check for debris that has entered the vent. Reach into the vent and remove any debris you are able to touch. But, clearing your vents with the help of a professional is the best idea since blockage can be hard to spot and will require special tools to remove.
  • Older pipework
    If your toilet has an older pipeline, it is possible the toilet can’t handle a lot of debris. 
    So you may need to replace your piping work with a new one. 

At Everest Drain & Plumbing, we recommend that you inspect your toilet’s inner workings periodically to ensure that the components are in good condition and functioning well. Similarly, when it comes to protecting your home against water damage, most plumbing repairs are best left to the specialists. They go through extensive training, education, and years of on-the-job experience to be able to accurately locate and repair leaks and clear clogs without damaging pipes. Contact us to learn how to fix a clogged toilet

Reasons to call a professional plumber in Toronto for Clogged Toilet

  • Safe repairs and maintenance
    Safety comes first when getting your clogged toilet repairs and building maintenance. Repairing works such as replacing pipework and sewer lines require digging. Professional plumbers know where the lines run, how sewer systems work, and how to safely access pipes and replace them.
  • Avoid water damage
    While dealing with clogged toilets, not making repairs correctly can cause floods and water damage to your home. Professional plumbers know how to fix your clogged toilet without causing any leaks or floods. Even after completing repairs to clogged toilets, professional plumbers will test the repair to ensure there are no leaks.
  • Prevent future problems
    Professional plumbers not only will repair your clogged toilet but will also educate or teach you how to avoid the problem in the future. 
  • Available with the latest equipment and products
    Professional plumbers use the latest equipment and get their products from professional suppliers that only sell to contractors. These are usually of a higher and more long-lasting quality. 

Don’t panic if your toilet gets clogged, but if you don’t know the cause or can’t clear it on your own, our help is only a call away in your Toronto area. Call us today at (416) 383-7378 and get your clogged toilet fixed. 

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