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Most Common Plumbing Problems and their solution

Practically everyone has the essential plumbing tools at home to deal with Plumbing Problems. Often clogged toilets or jammed ducts need a suction cup and elbow grease to return to a satisfactory operating condition. The kitchen is among the most crucial rooms in any home. It is also the busiest part of the house, which is especially true if the family enjoys cooking and eating. This means that the kitchen sink is used frequently, thus making it receptive to damages and leaks among other plumbing problems. To assure that the works in the kitchen are running smoothly, you should be able to find the common kitchen plumbing problems and know how to avoid them. This will also help you to determine when it is time to contact us if needed.

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Low water pressure

Low water pressure

If the stream of water coming out of your kitchen faucet seems weaker than usual, then check other taps of your house. And if all the taps are in the same condition, then this problem may not be related to the pipes of the house but to the municipal water supply. This is rare, but a cut in the main pipe can temporarily reduce the water pressure.

But if only the kitchen sink has this problem, the aerator of the faucet probably clogged with mineral build-up. By having a filtration system, these deposits wind up in the filters and are replaced. Without such a system, these mineral deposits accumulate on the interior surfaces of aerators and showerheads, obstruction screens and slow flows.

Most kitchen faucets have easily removed aerators that unscrew from the tip of the tap for easy cleaning. Removing the aerator and allowing it to soak overnight in a vinegar solution will generally dissolve the calcium deposits in water supplies.  If this trouble happens frequently, there must be a problem in a water softener because of hard water.

The leaky faucet

The Leaky Facult

If you have ever tried to fall asleep with the sound of dripping from a leaky faucet struggling against the kitchen faucet, that does not want to stop. This problem is a real headache because it can be the cause of rising water bills and also the source of hundreds of gallons of wasted water that go back to the sewers unnecessarily if you do not act in time.

In general, it is the joints that prevent the water from forcing its way further into the piping once you have closed your faucet. But with time, they can move, tear, or harden, causing water leaks that you observe. What to do in this case?  Simply change the faulty seals. Of course, you can replace these joints yourself, but exercise can be very difficult if you do not have the special tools. If the leak is prolonged, the valve seat itself may bend or corrode, increasing the size and cost of the work.

So to ensure the quality and durability of the work that will be undertaken, and avoid the same risk of finding yourself with a valve corroded or twisted because of a leak that has continued, it is highly recommended to go through plumbing professional.

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Lose garbage disposal

You will also face problems with the garbage disposal, so it is better to dump waste in the disposal than regular drain. Dumping disposal generates issues and stops working. You should refrain from putting your hands into the garbage disposal in a bid to free an obstruction; call a professional and allow us to correct the issue quickly.

The kitchen plumbing problem seems to be nothing at the beginning,  but it will create a disaster. The appliances and fixtures used in kitchen plumbing become more complex and complicated day by day. Installing new kitchen plumbing requires more than just installing a new sink; it involves fixing extra faucets and features. It is hence suggested to leave the plumbing work of a modern kitchen to a professional plumber.

Not enough or no hot water

Your gas, oil, or electric water heater provides you with the hot water you need in your kitchen. When this equipment is operating improperly, you may run out of the heat to which you are accustomed. For example, a hot water tank that is too small will not meet all of your domestic needs.

These balloons, in the limestone areas, tend to suffer an accumulation of limescale deposits which on the one hand reduces the capacity of hot water and on the other hand fatigue the heating system, especially when it is electric, reducing the life of the device accordingly.

You will then need to change the hot water tank and perhaps consider installing a water softener so that the problem does not take such magnitude.

What if you can't solve it

What to do if you can’t fix yourself?

If you could solve these problems by yourself, that sounds great. But what if, you can’t do it, or something happens. In such a situation, it is better to leave the plumbing work of your kitchen to a professional plumber. Call Everest Drain and Plumbing plumbers of your location.  Who have years of experience and countless happy customers to ease you. The team provides quick service at reasonable prices!

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