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How to unclog blocked drain and blocked toilet?

Clogged drains and blocked toilet may begin as a minor problem but can instantly turn into a major problem. A clogged drain can cause slow water drainage, erosion, flooding, and, in severe cases, sewage backup and costly repairs. Preventing them begins by identifying the causes of clogged drains.

Water stagnation — stagnant water in clogged pipes serves as a breeding ground for hazardous bacteria and is the leading cause of waterborne illness and blocked toilet. Smells — bad odors degrade your quality of life, contaminate the environment, and can cause headaches, irritation, tension, anxiety, and poor sleep over time.

If there’s an interior blockage or blocked toilet, it might have happened as a result of flushing heavy materials or things down the drain. Sanitary goods, paper towels, and other difficult-to-flush debris can clog pipes and choke drains, resulting in overflowing drains. Wipes, tissues, and even hair can be the source of contamination.


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What are the causes of the clogged drain?

The causes of the clogged drain are:

  • Hair
  • Soap
  • Dirt
  • Food Waste
  • Mineral Buildup
  • Small objects
  • Toilet paper buildup
  • Tree Roots

Drain Sewer Video Inspection is the best way to find out the exact cause of the clogged drain.  Because it makes it possible to find out the sources of the issues and their specific location.

A customized sewage video camera head coupled to a flexible cable is placed into the main sewer line cleanout, or in certain cases, the vent stack, and snaked down the pipes to check the pipes and discover any issues. The plumber then monitors what’s going on in your pipes from ground level on a monitor.

We can observe real-time footage of your house or business’s underground sewer pipes with a video camera plumbing and pipe inspection. In order to check a pipe, a flexible fiber optic cable with a specifically built high-resolution video camera is inserted.

Symptoms of the clogged drain

To find out, warning signs usually come up. The most common are:

  • simultaneous draining of bath, laundry, and sink is slower than before
  • a smell of rotten eggs comes from the floor drain of the basement
  • there is an overflow of wastewater from the floor of the garage or basement

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How to clean the clogged drain?

Some drain issues are mild and easily solved without an expert. Like if you have only one clogged drain, it is very likely that the cause of clogging is due to improper hair or objects, such as a small toy that has fallen into the drain.

For other simple problem

  • First, remove as much water as possible from the clogged pipe before pouring the solution.
  • Pour a cup of boiling hot water into the drain.
  • Pour half cup of baking soda and let that rest for a few minutes.
  • Then pour half a cup of vinegar and if the gurgling sound came from the hose, don’t worry. Gurgling means the mixture is acting so wait a few minutes, then flush.
  • Cover with a drain plug if you have one and let it rest for 5-10 minutes.
  • Flush again with a cup of boiling water.

Otherwise, it is not the drain in itself that is clogged but the sewer line where an unblocking is needed. A common sign of this type of clogging problem is water that appears on the floor of the bathroom when we use the washer. Then gets some help from the expert to fix the problem.

Tree root found in drain by Everest Drain and Plumber

Need the help of an expert?

Everest Drain and Plumbing are at your service to offer clog drain cleaning, to avoid further damage to the kitchen, toilet, sewer and drain. If left unresolved, damage to the foundations of your home or building can be costly. That’s why you should call Everest Drain and Plumbing as soon as possible to fix your clog in Toronto.

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