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How to stop Water Hammer

Water hammer is always an issue. Do you hear a loud bang in noise coming from the flush of your toilets? Hence, This kind of annoyance noise or unusual vibrations you are hearing is considered as a water hammer. The simple method of curing toilet hammers is to install an air chamber. It is created when you shut off the water suddenly and the fast-moving water rush through the pipe is brought to a quick halt, creating a sort of vibrate and a hammering noise.


Everest Plumbing Nov 26, 2020
How to Stop Toilet Hammer
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How to Remove Water Hammer After Flushing a Toilet

The arresting gear in water hammer arrestor kits is the right size for the pipe size on which it will be mounted. Likewise, A water hammer arrestor and a “T” mounting can be sweated onto the pipe with solder and a torch by those with more advanced do-it-yourself skills. Switch off the house’s main water source, then turn off the toilet’s water supply at the supply valve. Similarly, Using a plumber’s pipe cutter or a hacksaw, cut the pipe 1/2 inch before the valve. Cut the pipe 1/2 inch before thecompression nut if it was attached with a compression nut. Also, Place a bowl underneath the cut to catch any dripping water. Moreover, With a tape measure, measure the size of the pipe in the center until it has been cut through.

What You Would Need

  • Measurement tape
  • A flathead screwdriver or a plumber’s pipe cutter
  • 220 grit and 400 grit sandpaper
  • Similarly, Water hammer arrestor package with quick-connect
  • If necessary, an adjustable wrench

You can also follow these steps:

  • Turn off the main water supply to the house.
  • Start with the highest faucet (2nd or 3rd floor) and work
    your way down to the lowest faucet by opening
    all the cold water faucets (first or basement floor).
  • Also, Both of the toilets in the house should be
  • Likewise, Allow water to drain from any faucets that have been
    left open.

Aside from just creating an annoying sound, a water hammer can actually damage the pipe connections and joints, resulting in leaks and costly maintenance. Furthermore, the noise may also proclaim a larger problem line, excessive pressure in your water supply lines or loose piping. Luckily, homeowners or commercial business owners can usually eliminate water hammer inexpensively just by following the steps below.

  • Turn off your water supply at your water main to the building and then turn off the water supply to the toilet at the supply valve.
  • Flush all the toilets in the building, flush it repeatedly and make sure there is no water supplied.
  • Before you proceed, to avoid the potential issues that may arise in the water supply hose, and a container of sorts, an absorbing material is needed to collect the water and clean the surroundings.
  • Following that, check inside the fill valve and the water supply hose to see if any foreign material is trapped.
  • If any debris is trapped make sure to extract, and then clean the fill valve and the water supply hose.
  • Fill up water again and flush the toilet to check for the water hammer.
  • If that doesn’t work and still there is a banging noise after you flush, the fill valve may need to be replaced due to wear and tear, or other extrinsic and intrinsic factors that may have caused the issue.
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1. Installation of air chambers

Installing an air chamber usually does a trick in curing water hammer. The simple method of curing toilet hammers is to install an air chamber. This creates a segment of empty, air-filled pipe that acts as a cushion for water to rebound when water changes direction suddenly.

Unlike water, the air is much more easily compressed and acts like a shock absorber that minimizes or eliminates hammering.

2. Adjust the water pressure reduction valve

Even after the installation of air chambers to prevent water hammering, sometimes intense water pressure in your pipes can cause unwanted hammering noise. Once in a while draining the entire water supply system will restore the air to the chambers.

3. Stabilize loose water supply lines

During the plumbing fitting, the plumber uses u-shaped pipe straps. If the straps or joints aren’t tight enough, water pipes can create noise very soon. As water flows in large volume and high speed through the pipes, loose pipes can cause bending of pipes causing loud sounds and leaking of pipes.

To stop this problem, tighten loose pipe straps with a screwdriver, or install additional pipe straps for added stability. If you find spots where the pipe straps or hangers are loose, restore them. As well, most of the pipes used in toilets are built from thin metal or plastic, fix it by padding pipe straps that help in the reduction of noise.

4. Install water hammer arrestor

The water hammer can be bought from any good hardware store. It is sealed units that contain a spring and air bladder that absorbs water movement to control the effects of water hammer. They are a more sophisticated form of absorbing the shock from a water hammer. These water shock arrestors are easy to install as they have compression or screw-on fittings. Moreover, installing water arrestors do not need to be recharged as air chambers do.

5. Change toilet fill valve

The most common cause of toilet hammers when you flush is an issue with the toilet fill valve that features ballcock assemblies. Usually, older fill valves feature ballcock assemblies that tend to open and close suddenly and can cause banging. A toilet fill valve, which features a cup style float, tends to wear out gradually and becomes stiff and less flexible. So, replacing it with a new one can help fix the problem. 

Need help from a professional?

If the above information won’t fix your water hammering issues, the best and easiest way to fix the toilet hammer is to call the local plumbing specialists in Toronto. Call us today on +1 416-383-7378 or request a quote here. At Everest Drain and Plumbing, we pride ourselves on providing full customer satisfaction on every repair and installation we do.

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