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General Plumbing Tips for Homeowners

Here’s gemeral plumbing tips for homeowners.Did you know that the most common plumbing issues are dripping faucets? and they can potentially waste over hundreds of millions of fresh drinking water for residents, and employees.

Every homeowner wants their house to always be in working order. But, most of them lack the basic skills required to do simple plumbing jobs . Some homeowners even end up worsening plumbing problems when trying to fix them by themselves. As a result they may have to deal with costly repairs on the damaged property.

Fortunately, there is still something you can do to avoid plumbing issues by knowing the handful of general plumbing tricks and tips.  And these tips might save you from spending a lot on hiring plumbing services.

Everest Plumbing Nov 26, 2020
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1. Always have a plunger to unclog drains

Stagnant shower drain is a nuisance, especially if it happens frequently. We all have or will experience this irritating issue in our lifetime when wastewater does not drain through the shower drain hole. This problem must be handled immediately before the water builds up and unfortunately creates an environment for molds, and bacteria to form. But if your shower has an open drain hole without any cover, the solution is straightforward. Consider buying a filter or a particle collector of sorts that you can simply remove and discard the trapped waste. But if your shower drain is already clogged, your first line of defense is a plunger. Plunge away the debris with a plunger and if it doesn’t or if it drains slowly, try again.

2. Know how and where to shut off the water valves

When you face any issue related to any water supply, your first step would be to know the location of the main switch to shut off the specific water flow into the pipes.  For example you should always know where your kitchen taps, or any taps for the matter receive their water supply. The components that dictates water supply are the water supply valves and are usually found in cabinets that are below the sink. There would be 2 valves as one operates for cold water, and the other for hot water. This helps when you have a water leak or break in the pipes. In case the pipe is rotten, you will need to change it and should get professional help too.

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3. Never ignore plumbing leaks

Mostly the homeowners do not put much thought on dripping pipes or faucets. But the drips that keep falling off from your pipes or faucets can lead to increased water bills and waste more than a hundred gallons every day. Always fix water leaks as soon as possible. Even the tink drip should never be ignored since it can turn out to become a bigger, costlier problem.  So always make sure taps are fully closed after it is being used.  If there are any breaks, cracks, or leakage of water detected immediately shut off the main water valve, which is usually located in the basement. If the problem seems complicated, please do not hesitate to call your local plumber Everest Drain and Plumbing or other firms.

4. Get periodical inspection and repairing

Plumbing problems tend to get worse over time. Scheduling a monthly or occasional inspection plan and regular maintenance will prevent problems from becoming a major issue.

5. Avoid putting food waste down the drain

Never dump bacon grease, coffee grounds, vegetable peelings, food debris down the drainage. They will probably clog your drain. Besides, as a safety tip, always install a strainer, or a filter of sorts on the kitchen sink, bathroom sink and bathtub. In doing so it significantly reduces the need for plumbers since clogs do not form on a basis. Also please do clean your filter regularly to prevent bacterial growth, or mold, and if they are damaged do replace them.

6. Know what is flushable and what is not

Education and learning from your mistakes are the best way to prevent future plumbing problems. Flushing anything that doesn’t break down fast enough other than toilet paper and your waste matter may cause serious toilet clogs. So remind your family members what should and what should not be flushed through the drain systems. Similarly, any minor plumbing mishap can lead to an indoor flooding incident. So make sure they also know the exact location of the mains water supply cut-off.

7. Make the water heating system efficient

Wondering if your hot water tank is not providing hot showers? This is one of the biggest challenge’s homeowners may have to face during the unrelenting cold in the winter season. Since the basement will be cooler than the floor above, therefore, to enhance the water heater’s efficiency insulation is recommended to hold the heat energy within the apparatus. So don’t panic and let a professional examine your water heater. They’ll better understand and have the right tools how to maintain it and what to look for.

8. Avoid expensive water damage and prepare outdoor faucets for winter

An advice to winterize your outdoor water faucets in order to avoid bursts and hefty repairs. Make sure to turn off the water supply valve that supplies water to that specific outdoor faucet. If there is a hose connected to the faucet, you must remove it after closing the water shutoff valve. If you follow this technique carefully any condensation, or water that remains trapped will drip out through the winter, and you will not have any faucet problems come summer.

By getting the right information and knowledge about plumbing, you can easily handle common plumbing problems by yourself. However, when something is beyond your knowledge, call Everest Drain & Plumbing, a professional plumber immediately.

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