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How to Add Backyard Drainage by yourself? Some useful tips

A house with a proper and systematic plumbing and drain system is the house that is worthy of living. Even a small plumbing and drain problems can create big issues for homeowners. The blocked drain can cause more trouble to you. So, by adding backyard drainage you can reduce the stress on the main drainage system. To add backyard drainage is not a big deal you can do it by yourself.

We Best drainage contractor in Toronto Is here to give some useful tips i.e. How to add backyard drainage by yourself.

Everest Plumbing Mar 09, 2017
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Things you need to make are:

  • Spade
  • Perforated drainpipe
  • Pipe wrap
  • Gravel

#First Step – Plan the Route

First, you must decide which route you want your drainage to take. Sometimes it is not always a convenient straight line. Also keep in mind that while the direct route might be shorter, it does not mean it will be more effective. Longer the route you choose, the wider area you will have for drainage.

Once you’ve decided on the route, draw it with chalk powder or spray paint.

#Second Step – Dig a Trench

Next, dig a narrow trench 8-10 inches wide and approximately 2-3 feet deep. As you cut the sod, put it to one side for later use. Maintain the width and depth properly while digging.

3rd Step – Make Compact the Trench Bottom

Once digging the trench is completed, then, the steady downward slope, use a compacting tool along the area. If you do not have a compacting tool, you can simply walk up and down the area with your shoes on. Do as much as you can.

4th Step -Layer the Gravel

Next, cover the entire bottom of the trench with 2-3 inches of gravel. Don’t worry about what type of gravel you use, whether it’s pea gravel or crushed gravel. However, it is important that you distribute the gravel evenly.

5th Step – Arrange the Pipe Wrap

Arrange the pipe wrap on top of the gravel. Make sure that it reaches both sides of the trench from end to end. Manage the pipe wrap properly.

6th Step – Lay the Perforated Drainpipe

With the holes facing downward, lay the perforated drainpipe along the center line of the trench. Then, wrap the pipe wrap around the pipe. The pipe wrap is designed to prevent the holes in the perforated drainage pipes from getting blocked by sand and mud.

7th Step– Fill the Trench with Gravel

Next, fill the trench with gravel almost to the top. Now compact the gravel by inserting the spade a few inches and moving it backward and forward.

8th Step– Replace the Sod

Finally, cover the top of the gravel with the sod you cut when starting the trench.

Following the above steps too if you cannot add backyard drainage then call to efficient and professional Plumber Toronto for all kinds of plumbing and drain problems.

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