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We do not want it to happen but there is no escape to it happening. Such is the nature of a plumbing emergency. It can pop up without warning but still, that is no reason to panic. Fixing minor plumbing emergencies or at least holding out on your own till professionals arrive is easy enough. In fact, it has been the top in the list to learn for all do-it-yourself since plumbing has been around.

We say it is comparatively easy because it only takes a bit of simple know-how to fend off minor plumbing emergencies. A little bit of preparedness and a few items from around the house are pretty much enough to fix a clogged drain or pipe or stop a leaky toilet or faucet. After all, we know that having an idea of what to do when any plumbing emergency occurs can save you loads of time and money. Lesser frustration is another plus point you should not ignore.


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Let’s look at a few things you can do for various emergencies. It is good to know the location of shut off valve. It is a good idea to have Everest Drain and plumbing’s number handy too because we provide best emergency plumbing Toronto services.

Pipe Leaks/Broken Pipes – First thing to do in this case is turn off the main water supply. Even if the leak is small, over time plenty of water will be lost. You may be able to fix a leak but it is still best to call an emergency plumber Toronto from Everest Drain and Plumbing.

Leak in Water Heater – If hot water is leaking from the unit, you should first turn off the cold water supply directly above the heater. If you cannot close it, you should turn off the main water supply.

Toilet Clogs – If the toilet has clogged and looks like it’s going to overflow, you should turn the water on in a nearby sink or bathtub. This will slow down the water flow to the toilet properly. It’s a good idea to try a plunger to unclog the toilet before you call professionals.

Drain Clogs – If the drain gets is completely clogged, you could use a plunger to free it up. You can use a liquid drain cleaner if the sink is draining slower than normal.

Washing machine Malfunctions – If your washing machine shows malfunctions, you should turn off both valves near the machine. Also importantly, you should cut off all forms of electricity to the machine.

Frozen pipes – if your pipes get frozen, you can attempt to thaw the pipes slowly with either a hair dryer or space heater. Don’t forget to open nearby faucets to let thawed water escape.

No matter how much you try to avoid them, plumbing emergencies are going to happen to you sooner or later. We hope that the tips above will leave you somewhat prepared. If and when it comes to tougher plumbing emergencies, you should call the professional emergency plumbers Toronto. We have been providing emergency plumbing services in and around Toronto. Also, we offer 24/7 emergency service response.

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