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Why Roots could be another cause of your main drain line block?

When a toilet, bathtub, or sink drain clogs or drain line block, it’s inconvenient, but when a sewer line clogs, you’ve got a serious problem. Clogged, flooding, and slow-flowing drains are caused by root damage to sewage lines, which is sometimes accompanied by gurgling sounds from the bathtub, shower, or toilet. When there is a blockage in the sewer, it affects all of the plumbing fixtures in the house, and if it gets serious enough, sewage may back up into some of your drains.

The majority of sewer jams are caused by tree roots infiltrating the pipes.

The sewage lines’ warmth and dampness are ideal for tree roots. They insert feelers into the pipes through microscopic fractures or weak joints.

Everest Plumbing Jun 15, 2022
Why Roots could be another cause of your main drain line block?
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Once inside, the roots feast on the nutrients that are easily accessible. Debris accumulates on the roots over time, obstructing the flow of trash and causing clogs, burst pipes, and other severe headaches for householders.

Removing a clogged sewer pipe necessitates the use of specialized equipment and experience. THIS IS NOT A DO-IT-YOURSELF OBJECTIVE! When your sewage line becomes clogged, you should contact local plumbers.


roots inside drain pipe
Root Found inside drain line

Signs of Roots in Drain Lines

  • The most frequent first indicator is a toilet that periodically stops flushing and can usually be cleared with a plunger. This isn’t often the first symptom of a deeper issue, but it might be. It’s not uncommon for low-flush toilets to stop working now and then, but if this happens frequently, it’s a sign that you must keep a sharp eye on things.
  • If your toilet stops working more frequently and stubbornly, it’s more likely that you’re dealing with roots in the drain. In rare circumstances, the toilet becomes so clogged that it is impossible to unclog using a plunger. Again, a persistent standstill every now and again isn’t necessarily indicative of a problem. A persistent or deteriorating condition is what you should be on the alert for.
  • Another indicator of roots creeping into the drain is a localized drain problem. It’s quite simple to figure out what’s wrong. Whether your toilet isn’t working, check to see if the other fixtures or toilets are working. If the drain waste is backing up into your showers and tubs, you have such a main line blockage rather than a root issue. If you have a clean-out, the main line blockage must be removed. However, if the blockage just affects one toilet, tree roots in the toilet drain pipe are a likely culprit.
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What Should You Do when drain line blocekd?

  • If you think your toilet is clogged with roots in the drain line, use a toilet drill to validate your suspicions. Tree roots in the toilet drain line can often be reached using a toilet auger extended to the six-foot mark. Inspect the drill and the toilet seat for any root remnants that may have been pulled back by the drill. This will confirm the presence of roots beneath your toilet.
  • To fix this issue, you’ll need to raise the toilet to gain access to the drain. The roots beneath the toilet can be seen once it has been raised. Cutting back all of the roots and removing any roots that have got into the drain line is the remedy.

Roots In The Drain Need To Be Removed

  • Cut any exposed roots as far back as you can under the slab with scissors or a tool knife.
  • Pull the roots out of the drain pipe if they grow into the drain. Using a drain machine may be the simplest way to accomplish this. Run the drain cleaner until the drain line is free of obstructions.
  • You can apply the root killer between the concrete slab and the drain  pipe once the drain is clear and all the roots around the flange have been removed. Where the roots first stood, rock salt or  root killer should be administered. For many years, each product can help prevent, or at very least slow down, the development of new roots.

Tree Root Solutions That Are Permanent

Sadly, DIY methods will only get you so far when it comes to tree roots. Root infections are one of those instances where you’ll almost surely need to call in the pros. To combat intrusive roots, plumbers and sewer line technicians have a number of powerful equipment at their disposal.
The very first thing they’ll probably do is examine your sewer lines with a special see snake camera called a video camera inspection. They’ll be able to observe the full scope of your root problem as well as pinpoint the specific spot of the root infestation with this snake-like gadget. They’ll devise a strategy for eliminating the roots once they’ve located the blockage.

Mechanical Auger or Flex Shaft or Rooter

A mechanical auger or rooter is the most popular instrument used by experts to remove roots. They’ll run the auger all the way down the pipe to the obstacle, where it can see the roots up. The pipe can be rinsed out when the roots have been fully sliced.

Hydro-Jetting or Power-flush

Hydro-jets use greater water flows to clear pipe blockages. Hydro-jets can fire water at a pressure of up to 4000 psi, which is powerful enough just to chop through tree roots and effectively destroy them.

Pipe Repair and Replacement

Following the removal of the roots from your sewer line, the broken pipe must be repaired to avoid future root issues. Fixing a protective pipe cover or totally replacing the pipe is generally the next step. Based on the level of destruction to the current line, your plumber should be able to make a reliable suggestion. Replacing old clay pipes with more contemporary substances like PVC can be a fantastic way to avoid problems in the future.


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