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Bathroom tips: Ways to clean

Bathroom tips is one of busiest place in every house where we use and almost every guest visits. So from the hygienic point of view and sanitation, it is essential to keep bathroom neat and clean. If you are tired of long cleaning process of bathroom, Then we are resulting with top ways to clean bathroom faster. These tricks will get the room looking freshly washed in less than 15 minutes.

Everest Plumbing Jun 02, 2017
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Ways to clean bathroom faster and cleaner

#1. Firstly, Grab a bag:

To collect the waste, use a bag/polythene to put the waste and it is the easiest way to instantly tidy any room.

#2. Then, use flush:

Next, grab some bleach. Pour a cup into the bowl, and brush around the sides and under the rim. Let sit for five minutes, as you move on to the next task.

#3. Shining up:

Fill a spray bottle with equal parts water and white vinegar. Then, Spritz the solution onto paper towels or a microfiber cloth, and wipe away soap drips and toothpaste spatters on faucets, mirrors, countertops, and in the sink. This will really make the bathroom look stylish.

#4. Collect dirt:

Flip same vinegar solution and wipe and run it across the back of your dusty toilet tank, then over, under, and around the seat. Flush the bleach that’s been sitting in the bowl, toss the wipe into your doorknob bag, and move on.

#5. Try this towel trick:

use thick towel to make more cleaner and rub with the towel so that the tub tank and mirror look more cleaner.

#6. Make an exit;

Now, it’s time for the floor. Shake out your rug or bath mat to fluff it up so it looks recently vacuumed. Next, with a dampened paper towel, wipe the corners of the room, where most of the hair and dust collects. And do not forget to take the plastic bag with you when you leave!!!

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