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Many people devote a significant amount of time and effort to fixing water tank issues and sterilizing and filtering their household’s mains water supply. They rarely go to the same lengths to filter and manage their water tank and tank pump to ensure a constant, consistent, clean, and safe tank water supply.

Are the water tank issues important?

Water tank maintenance is rather straightforward if you enlist the help of expert water pump technicians. You can enjoy appropriate water pressure and cleaner water if you maintain your water tank properly to avoid water tank issues. The collection of sand or sediment in storage tanks is one of the most typical problems with storage tanks. This can be avoided in certain circumstances by installing a filter on the storage tank’s entrance, but in many cases, this is more expensive and inconvenient than just draining and cleaning the storage tank every few years. Everest drain and plumbing can assist you with a few common water tank issues and solutions.

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water tank issues
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How do you know if you're dealing with water tank issues?

Reduced Water

You may have an electrical failure or a foreign matter seizure if your pump/motor system stops working. These issues are frequently resolvable on a budget. For servicing and support, contact Everest drain and plumbing.

Stopped Pump

There could be a problem with your water pump if it runs but doesn’t provide water. Foreign matter and debris from the tank might block the pump internals, causing impellers and seals to fail. Run dry failure can also be caused by low water levels in the tank.


Shorter cycles are one of the most typical issues with water tank pumps. Call Everest drain and plumbing for service and assistance if you find your pump used to run for longer periods of time but has lately started to run shorter or more rapid cycles.

Short cycles are frequently caused by problems with the pump’s auto pressure regulation or are an indicator of leaking pipes or taps. The pressure control and the pump’s reliability will be harmed if they are subjected to too many stops and starts over their lifetime.

If your water tank pump develops any of these problems, you will most likely lose water pressure or your home’s water supply. To avoid further difficulties with your water tank supply, try to resolve problems with your water pump as soon as possible.

If your water tank pump develops any of these problems, you will most likely lose water pressure or your home’s water supply. To avoid further difficulties with your water tank, try to resolve problems with your water pump as soon as possible.


Storage tanks, for whatever reason, can be an appealing attraction for lads with arrows or firearms looking for a quick target. Metal tanks are more resistant to attack, whilst plastic tanks are more vulnerable. To avoid visual recognition, you might wish to hide the tanks behind a fence, trees, or a hedge and choose a neutral/natural hue.

The good news is that with the correct equipment, holes and minor cracks in HDPE plastic tanks may be quickly repaired! Many of these tanks have been successfully repaired by our team at Everest drain and plumbing! First, the storage tank underneath the hole must be drained. A plastic disc is mounted on a specialized tool and spun at extremely high speeds before being plunged into the storage tank/hole.

The disc and the tank melt together to make a perfect seal! Steel tank holes may need to be welded, or they can be expanded with a hole-saw and a tank adaptor with a cap or valve attached to stop water from flowing.

What Are The Solutions?

All water pump issues should be resolved by an experienced pump specialist. When you call a professional, he or she will figure out what’s causing the problem and then fix it.

Here are a few options that your pump technician might suggest.

Some pumps with a basic pressure switch control allow you to select a desired pressure range and minimize your cycling rate. Other electronic pressure control pumps are not adjustable, but they monitor both pressure and flow and give “run dry prevention.”

Internal damage is more likely to occur in pumps that run continuously and never shut off. Everest Plumbing can assist you in addressing and resolving these difficulties.

Overheating is a common problem with water tank pumps that stop working at unexpected periods. Pumps with an internal thermal overload switch will shut down immediately if the temperature rises above a safe level. After the pump has cooled down, it will begin cycling again

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Our maintenance workers repair, service, and install storage tanks on a regular basis. We’ll share some of our experiences with you in this blog to assist you to avoid some of the issues we’ve seen. We’ll also go through some long-term remedies to some of the most typical issues with water storage tanks.

Everest Drain and Plumbing is the company to call if you have any of these issues with your water tank pump.

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