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Water conservation Tips

So far we know that water has very vital; role in our life. So it is all our duty towards Water conservation. Water conservation is the most important topic and has become an essential practice in all reason around the world.

Water conservation in your house not only save money bill but also helps to conserve water sources as lakes, rivers too.Here are some water conserving tips for you.

Water outside plants early in the morning or late in the evening to avoid water evaporating quickly due to the sun and heat. Water the soil in such a way that the liquid reaches the roots where it is needed. Animals, too, require water during a heat wave. Rather than watering your lawn, place a water-filled container, such as a casserole dish, out for birds to sip and clean.


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Water conservation in your home

Water scarcity and pollution are caused by some firms and investors that buy land all over the world. They deprive locals access to water, pollute watercourses, and pollute exhaust supplies. Local communities’ capacity to cultivate and access safe drinking water may be harmed as a result. This is referred to as “watergrabbing.”

When washing fruits, veggies, or dishes in the sink, use a bowl. The waste water can then be used to water your plants.
Fill a jug with water and store it in the refrigerator for when you need a refreshing beverage. When you’re done brushing your teeth, turn off the water. A running faucet can consume up to nine litres of water every minute. Before using your washing machine or dishwasher, make sure you have a full load.

For each kilogram of clothing, some new washing machines use less than seven litres of water, while current dishwashers can use as low as 10 to 15 litres every cycle. In your toilet cistern, install a water-saving gadget. Each time you flush the toilet, you could save between one and three litres, depending on the size of your cistern.




  • Check out faucets and pipes if there is leakage

A small leakage in a day can leak 15-20 gallons of water if lager then water leakage will be larger. So check all faucets and pipes to save water.

  • Avoid using cigarettes and wastebasket in toilets

When you throw pieces of cigarettes in water to remove it you will use more water to remove so avoid using cigarettes wand waste baskets in water.

  •  Check leaks in your toilets and kitchen taps

Most of the leaks of water are from the kitchen taps and toilets. So, in order to stop leakage close the tap properly and check time to time and save water.’

  •  Use water meter to know the leakage

Check the water meter before and after using the water. Also, check the meter when you are not using the water which helps you to know the exact amount of leaks. Then go for an essential solution to stop leaks.

  • Use shorter showers

It is an easy way to cut water consumption more at your houses. When you are bathing use soap and close the shower. Then open it to wash your soap again. This helps to conserve water

Water conservation in yard and garden

  • Plant eco-friendly plants or flowers

Plantation of plants and flowers which need less amount of water for their growth helps to conserve water.

  • Water your garden timely

When you plant flower or plants needing less amount of water then you will not have to water the garden daily. This automatically helps to save your water bill.

  • Water the garden in the morning

When you water the garden in the morning then the level of water you need to water the plants and flowers decrease.  So Plant the water in the morning to save water.

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