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Understand and fix the Problems with Limescale yourself!!

The source of all that extra work and problems is a white or green chalky coating on your faucets and shower heads, you may have a problem with limescale- rich in minerals that look unsightly and wreak havoc on your pipes and fixtures from the inside out. So, to fix problems with limescale is essential.

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Reasons for the formation Limescale

The limescale that you see in and on your household plumbing fixtures is a natural byproduct of clean water with an above-average concentration of minerals like calcium, magnesium, and iron. This is commonly known as hard water.

Hard water is safe to drink and wash with, but there are a number of reasons you might not want to. The mineral deposits tend to give the water an unpleasant taste, and hard water makes it more difficult to lather and rinse away soap.

Why You Should Remove the Limescale?

Limescale can cause problems in a number of areas in your home, from minor to major issues:
#Blocking of heating pipes, shower heads, and taps.
#pipe diameter decreases
#Frequent repairs or replacement of household appliances such as kettles and washing machines.
#Replacement of heating pipes
#Bacterial growth in drinking water pipes
#Irritation of sensitive skin
#Dry and dull hair.
#Loss of energy in the hot water systems and increased heating costs.
#Less effective detergents, resulting in clothes that look dirty even after being washed.
#White residue and dull surfaces in the bathroom and kitchen.

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How to Fix the Problems with limescale?

Use dissolved acidic items: Dissolved with a range of mildly acidic items you can find in your homes, such as lemon juice and vinegar can treat with limescale. Thus, use lemon juice to remove limescale from a shower head, taps, tiles, and smooth surfaces. Not only will this, remove the limescale but it will also leave your bathroom or kitchen smelling fresh and clean.
Use non-precipitating softener tablet: For your washing machine, use a non-precipitating softener tablet. This will prevent limescale from blocking the internal workings of your machine. It will also help the detergent clean clothes more efficiently.
 Can use magnetic descaler: For your pipes, you can use a magnetic descale, which is a clever device that clamps onto the outside of pipework. The magnetic field alters the characteristics of the minerals in the water, making them lose their ability to adhere to pipes and form limescale.
Install Water softener-carbon water filters:  Installing such water filters in taps and jugs use carbon to soften water. Tap filters can be fitted directly under a tap to supply fresh, clean drinking water.

The permanent solution to fix problems with limescale:
For a more permanent solution to hard water problems and limescale, consider purchasing a water softener. These softeners do not remove the minerals that cause hardness in water but do prevent them from adhering to surfaces. These softeners installation in the main water supply, therefore protecting your whole home. As a result of you can save your home and your money on replacing and repairs on plumbing pipes.

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