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Trends to avoid while Bathroom renovation

Bathroom renovation is not a big deal but we must be careful while renovating the bathroom. Lots of trends are going on the bathroom renovation.  Some may be good but some may not be. Whenever you feel that you are thinking of bathroom renovation, Toronto plumber can help.

Since the plumber from the Everest Plumbing is efficient and professional, they are able to handle any jobs easily.

We value our customers thus, we are here to provide some advice when you are renovating your bathroom(s).

Everest Plumbing Jul 30, 2017
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Trends to avoid while Renovating a bathroom

1. Spending more Money

Many people spend much money on the bathroom decoration. You may spend many in buying many bathroom materials for renovation. Professional Toronto Plumber is giving tips to minimize renovation costs

  • Design for standard fixtures and fittings to avoid the expense of the custom made.
  • Watch sales and auctions for good buys. Then, purchase all your tiles; tapware, sanitary ware, cabinets and accessories before you start.

2. Look for Ventilation

In the bathroom, we must have the proper ventilation, as we need a proper flow of air. Poor ventilation can cause black specks of mold marching up your newly painted walls and ceilings. Therefore, it is essential to have proper ventilation in the bathroom.

3. Uses of oversized tubs

Big bathtubs are impractical as they take more space and expensive. So do not install the oversized tubs. It would be better if you are investing in a quality water-saving shower.

4. Subway tile and nickel finishes

Subway tile and trendy metallic finishes, such as nickel and chrome, are fading faster. But modern-looking brushed gold and black finishes are becoming more popular. Large-format tiles and geometric tiles are also a safe bet, particularly in large bathrooms.

5. The poor performance of Drainage

In the bathroom, drainage should flow at smoothly. For the better performance make slope towards the floor waste to allow water to drain away efficiently.

6. Task Lighting

To have a proper lighting system is essential.  Activities like Shaving, waxing applying makeup and hair styling requires a proper light.

These above-mentioned Trends to avoid while Renovating bathroom can help to have the best bathroom renovation.

Toronto Plumber can provide the best services.

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