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Tips to Prevent Clogged Drains this Spring

Clogged Drains is the last thing anyone wants to deal with. It may be incredibly aggravating, and the longer the clog sits, the more difficult it becomes to clear. It can eventually worsen, resulting in serious water damage. This is why you should contact Everest’s plumber straight immediately if you have a problem.

Clogged drains are a common yet irritating problem which people have to deal with. Although clogs happen often, many things can be done in your home to overcome their possibilities of increasing. Here are some tips to prevent clogged pipes this spring:

Everest Plumbing Mar 10, 2019
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What You Should and Shouldn’t Do

Keep oil and grease out of your drains. Instead, you can stream it into a disposable bag and throw it away in the garbage. Oil and grease dry once they get into your pipes, which can build up over time. Other trash can attach to it on their way down, which can immediately cause a clog.

Use drain covers if you don’t have them. Your drains usually deal with hair, soap, dirt, and other rubble that can create problems in your plumbing system. A stopper will be able to separate these substances, while still providing your wastewater to pass through.

No garbage disposal means foods are not allowed to down your drain. If you insert garbage, then it will block the drain.

There are certain things that you shouldn’t put in when you do have the garbage disposal. Coffee grounds, peels and skins, and eggshells are few things which you should avoid. Not only they can damage your disposal, but they can also stick to the sides of your pipes and cause blockages.

Whenever you use your garbage disposal, you should have a steady flow of cold water coming from the faucet. Opposite to popular belief, cool water is better than warm for flushing out the trash. This help to carry it all the way through your drainage system.

Food should never be flushed down the drain in houses without a trash disposal. Although little fragments will always find their way in, your goal should be to simply rinse plates. Scrape any remaining food debris into the garbage container.

Never flush anything down the toilet. Regular towels, Paper towels, or other elements are too heavy for your plumbing system to handle. They can easily make clogs or reserves, so best to throw them in the trash.

You pour boiling water down your drain every week(if possible). This help to flush away lubricant or trash that may have built up.

Making sure that your plumbing fixtures get professional attention is the most important step. Early disclosure is key in preventing major flaws down the road. At the first symptom of the problem, call Everest Drain and Plumbing.

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