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Pros and Cons of backflow preventer installation

Backflow preventer installation is a reverse flow of water from your hose pipe to main water supply pipe. This house pipe could be your drinking water pipe, irrigation pipe, tank pipe, etc. Thus, Backflow preventer installation is an effective solution to this problem.

Backflow prevention installation helps to protect endanger public health and a high risk of contamination is when it can cause actual death. We, the professional Toronto Plumber are expert in the Backflow preventer installation in and around Toronto.

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backflow preventer installation
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Pros of backflow preventer installation

  1. There is no need to destroy your basement floor and add furthermore renovation costs.
  2. There will be no any smell or spillage in your home.
  3. By installing an appropriate device, you can certainly protect your home
  4. Minimize the risks of water contamination


Cons of backflow preventer installation

  1. Both installation and cleaning can be very messy.
  2. Upon locating the sewer lateral where the backwater valve is to be installed, your plumber needs to jack-hammer the concrete basement floor to access it.
  3. The perfect location to install backflow installation is hard to access
  4. It is a messy job. There may be a lot of concrete dust.
  5. Backflow Installation is expensive than other installation
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#Causes of Backflow

  • Backflow contamination usually happens either because of back pressure or back siphonage.
  • Due to increased pressure in the pipes, potable water from within your premises flows backward and can enter the sewer lines.
  • Low in pressure in the main lines due to a burst pipe.

In many places, a backwater valve should be fitted within your property line. In this case, you will not have a choice to install outdoor backflow prevention. For this case, your plumber should know the city rules to do things right.

Come to us we are the best backflow preventer installation in Toronto. As we follow the Toronto code and regulations.

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