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Pipe Thawing Services

Below freezing point temperature in the winter causes water to freeze and expand. As a result, pipe freezes and bursts which can cause flood in house or damage the property. There will be no water for drinking, cooking, and cleaning for us. The burst frozen pipe is an intolerable situation compared to the leaking faucet; therefore, the frozen pipe needs an immediate attention. Living in a cold place, during the winter, we are likely to face this problem, and as soon as possible, we want to resolve this problem with the diy ideas or calling professional thawing team.


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What are the Problems with a Frozen Pipe?

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The temperature falls below a freezing point in the winter in Greater Toronto Area’s and. This temperature freezes a pipe and solidifies the water that we need for daily house hold purposes. As our life revolves around the water, Everest Drain and Plumbing wants to have a continuous flow of water at your homes even in such a winter. By providing all the answers to our questions of a frozen pipe, it wants to help through its knowledgeable, licensed, and professional plumbers.

We are busy in our life so much that we do not act in advance to deal with a frozen pipe. One of the effective and preventive measures to deal with a frozen pipe is thawing. If we do not do a thawing or restore the water line in timely manner, then there is high chance of pipe brust due to expansion nature of water. And to repair such disaster &  damaged cause by pipe brust will drain out pocket expensively.

Preparing in Advance for a Frozen Pipe

By preparing in advance, we can keep ourselves away from the future problems of a frozen pipe. A pipe will be clogged when the temperature falls below a freezing point. Pipes that are exposed that are outside the homes that lie in an unheated crawl space, and that are in the basement are susceptible to freezing. An un-insulated pipe also freezes. In such a pipe, water does not circulate, and it might rupture. Before we get depressed by a frozen pipe, contact Everest Drain and Plumbing for a regular flow of water at our homes even in the coldest of the coldest winter.

Doing by yourselves

Thawing a frozen pipe by ourselves is acquiring knowledge how to have a continuous flow of water without any interruption in the winter. But this is not everything because there is the least probability that we would get the desired result. By using an open flame torch, we can also thaw a frozen pipe but this method has fire hizard, we never recommend us method. Similarly, by using an insulating , we can prevent pipe from freezing. Pouring hot water is also one of the ways of thawing a frozen pipe if frozen area is accessible.

Equipment’s to Thaw a Frozen Pipe

  • High Powered Hair Dryer is the safest and best equipment to thaw a frozen pipe.
  • Heat Lamp works best on an exterior pipe. If we want to thaw a pipe that is close to the wall, then we will have to place a baking sheet behind a pipe in order to reflect heat.
  • Small Portable Heater works best for thawing a pipe that is under a vanity base cabinet of a kitchen.
  • Electric Pipe Heat Tape is a tape which comes with an electrical heating element, and which can be wrapped around a frozen pipe. We have to plug this tape to heat a pipe. The good thing about this tape is we can leave it on a pipe, as well as we can plug it to prevent a pipe from future freezing.
  • If the above equipment does not resolve our problems, then we need to call immediately a professional plumber or call us if you around Greater Toronto Area.

Has the Time come to Call a Professional?

Everest Plumbing and Drain know how to thaw a frozen pipe, how to provide a continuous flow of water, and how to repair a busted pipe. It has knowledgeable, licensed, and insured plumbers who know how to do their jobs perfectly and who know how to handle from an exposed pipe to unheated crawl space pipe to underground pipe with the professionalism and experience that it has acquired through its plumbers. This winter, let us give our frozen pipe to Everest Drain and Plumbing, which guarantees results through effective pipe thawing services.

Everest Plumbing and Drain – A Name for a Quick Plumbing Service

Due to below freezing point in the winter, the pipe outside the home freezes and breaks. This is unavoidable. Everest Drain and Plumbing is the only company, committed to providing a superior, comprehensive, thawing plumbing service on time, and values its customers’ needs by providing a budget-friendly offer. Let us call Everest Drain and Plumbing to know more about the pipe thawing services and how much we can benefit from its full service, such as same fast day service.

Feel free to call us at 416-383-7378 for any queries and/or to schedule an appointment. We proudly serve Toronto and surrounding areas.

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