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Modular Bathroom: Things you need to Know

A modular bathroom is in the trend nowadays. Sometimes ago, if you needed a new bathroom, you had to build it from scratch but thanks to technology, now you can buy a “modular bathroom”. So, exactly, what is a” modular bathroom”? How is it different from the built-in bathroom? What are its features and advantages?

At first, you should understand built-in bathrooms. It is the type of bathroom in which all components are chosen and installed separately. If you had the expertise or time, you would build it on your own or would hire a contractor to construct it. Licensed Toronto Plumber like us will be required to comply with the building codes.  An interior designer may need to be hired to give it a stunning look. However, this process is time-consuming and costly.

Before modular bathroom reaches your home, most of the work has been done in the factory. The packed modules constructed at your factory are delivered straight to your home in flat packs. You just need to follow the simple instructions, if you want to do it yourself or hire a technician to do that in a couple of hours. As a qualified Toronto Plumber, we can provide you with these services.

You can personalize your bathroom according to your individual needs and styles from a wide variety of customizable styles and features. The delivered flat packs include everything from walls to ceilings and floors. These easy to clean and durable components can be assembled easily and quickly. They are modern, stylish and economical as compared to traditional bathrooms. In short, the modular bathroom has the following features:

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Shapes and Sizes

Size is not a matter of concern if you are to choose a modular bathroom. They range from small rectangular to large square ensuites. You just name it, and Toronto Plumber has it. It includes not only shower, toilet and vanity placements but a whole lot of other components that you require.

Standard Components

This is the most common fitting of a modular bathroom. It includes the toilet, sink basin and everything that you need to get started with your bathroom.

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Optional Attributes

Do you like a sliding door or a pivot one? What range of lightings do you want? And the sink basin style? There is a lot of freedom with modular bathroom to make it the way you dream.

A modular bathroom is handy but even if you feel like stuck in. Furthermore, Toronto Plumber, Everest Plumbing and Drain Services is just a click or call away at 416-383-7378.

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