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Is Insulating Cold Water Pipes A Good Idea

If you can protect the hot water pipes in your home why let the heat escape haphazardly. During winter the temperature falls below at freezing point in our cities leading to freezing the pipe and solidifying the water that we need to drink, wash, and clean. Everest Drain and Plumbing wants you to have a continuous flow of water at your homes even in winter. Insulating cold water pipes make your hot water heater work faster, make your pipes work efficiently, and ultimately results in a decrease of energy bills. Some might thing Pipe insulation is expensive, but actually, it isn’t and the project could be finished on a Saturday afternoon. We provide all the services for frozen pipe repairs, through its knowledgeable, licensed, and professional plumbers.

We are so much busy in our life that we do not act in advance to deal with a frozen pipe. When you have plumbing issues in winter it is very difficult to fix them. The decrements in the temperatures result in more plumbing problems. Even if your pipes are unfrozen, they will be damaged or will be highly prone to further damage. In such case, using the frozen pipe repairs services from Everest Drain and Plumbing, local Toronto plumber, is a safe option. But Insulating Cold Water Pipes carried out to save you hundreds of dollars.

Here we have mentioned some of the things you can do to prevent winter plumbing problems. Toronto Plumbers also provide some advice concerning when you might want to contact a professional plumber in any case.

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How to Prevent Your Outdoor Pipes from Freezing

Well, before the temperature drops, you need to take action if you do not want outdoor pipes to crack this winter. While the weather is still warm, turn off any outside water by using the shut-off valves that are usually located in your basement or under sinks near the outside wall.  This will prevent your pipes from freezing over in winter and prevent them from cracking.

Can’t find your shut-offs? Contact Toronto Plumbers for professional assistance in this situation. Everest Drain & Plumbing can quickly and affordably identify your shut-off locations and install new valves if required.

How to Prevent Your Indoor Pipes from Freezing

As for your indoor pipes, the solution is pretty simple.  Simply maintain an inside temperature above 13 degrees during the winter remember this applies even if you are away from home.  Since Toronto winters tend to get pretty chilly, these low temperatures are hardly a stretch. If you have any pipes located in a cabinet near an outside wall, remember to open the cabinets at night. This will let warmer air circulate around the pipes and help avoid unwanted freezing. Insulating your pipes is also an option.

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Should cold water pipes be insulated in winter?

During winter the temperature will drop, water coming out of the ground below 50 F into a winter environment could drop to below 0 F. Wrapping those cold water pipes would keep that heat of the water possessed in place, protecting against freezing. If the basement space is insulated, cold water pipes may absorb heat.


Plastic or copper pipes are more likely to split, causing leakage and damage to your property. If this is the case, you will need to call a plumber straight away.

If you suspect you have a frozen metal pipe, then you can carefully thaw it by gently applying warm air from a hairdryer to the area. You will know if the problem has been fixed once more water begins to flow from the tap than before.

Prevent Winter Plumbing Problems and Save Money

Remember that if you have one frozen or burst pipe, it can affect the others in the system so all pipework will need to be checked. Also, it is a good idea to ask your plumber for a consultation on insulating the walls if you have had problems with exterior pipes to prevent them from bursting in the future. Everest Drain & Plumbing offers a variety of services for all your plumbing needs.  We offer 24-hour emergency service as well as a wealth of resources on our website for various plumbing issues.  If you have a plumbing problem, call us Call Everest Drain and Plumbing’s certified plumbers on 416-383-7378 today for help and advice.


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