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How to solve Radiator Line leak at your apartment!

Radiator Heater

Radiators are heat exchangers intended to transfer thermal energy from one means to another for the idea of area heating. The word “radiator” applies to any of a number of devices in which a fluid flows through revealed pipes, not withstanding that such devices perform to transfer heat mainly by convection or convectors.

Everest Plumbing Feb 06, 2019
radiator line
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How does Radiator Heater work?

Before talking about the working process you have to know there are mainly two kinds of Radiator Heater one is the traditional and another is scientific. Steam Radiators are traditional heater where Electric Radiators are new scientific heaters. Both of the types of heater produce heat and warm your house but they use a different material for the heating process.

Although the Electric Radiators are scientific and new Steam Radiators are more popular among home or apartments.

Steam Radiators

Steam radiators run with steam and formed by boiling water. And the created steam travels all over the pipes. When it reaches into the radiator the room starts to heat because of the heat of steam. The steam then slowly cools down and condensed since it travels throughout the unit. And again the water(condensed steam) travel back to the boiler.

The working process of traditional Steam Radiator heater at the house or apartment.
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Problem with steam radiators

Here in this article, we are going to talk about the problem in Steam Radiator Heater. The main problem of this type of heater is the leakage of water from the heater or pipeline, heater contains a small hole which is leaking water. Most of the time there is leakage of water not by pipeline just by the heater or overheat in the room then it can be solved by yourself. But if the problem is serious than this then better to call a plumber.

Electric Radiators

The architecture is the same as steam radiator but utilizes a different method to form heat. It uses mineral oil or thermal oil to generate heat and won’t burn in the heating process due to which you don’t need to refill it again and again. To generate heat it uses electricity once the oil is heated, it starts to heat the room. This type of heater is portable and of any size.

Steps to solve Radiator line leak at your apartment

Before calling a plumber for help try to find out the problem if the problem is simply leaking in the radiator line then it can be done by just repairing the valve, follow the following steps:

A valve of the Steam Radiators

At first Tighten Nuts: Check if the water leak from under the handle. If yes, turn down the thermostat and wait for the radiator to cool. Then tighten the nut using groove-joint pliers. If this does not help then go for the next steps.

Secondly, Drain the Radiator: Turn down the thermostat and attach a hose to a floor drain then open the valve. Open all the bleeder valves of radiator starting from the top floor.

Thirdly, Wrap the Stem: Take out the stem and wrap it with strand packing and reinstall. If there is a lower leakage then does not work then continue further steps.

Fourthly, replace the valve: Replace the valve from the older one. And this also won’t solve your problem then check the handle (if there is any problem in it) or an adjustable air vent.

What next?

water leak from radiator in commericial building
Water Leaking From Radiator

If you try all the steps then also the problem won’t solve then there may be a problem in the internal radiator line. This problem is quite difficult to solve by yourself and we need plumbers’ help. So don’t waste your time hurry up and call the plumber. Toronto Plumbers are always there to give you emergency service 24/7 with good performance. Hurry up and pick the phone and call before it’s too late.

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