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Overcome Winter plumbing problems

Winter plumbing problems may cause alot of trouble. At Everest Drain and Plumbing, we continuously strive to keep the better plumbing services.  It is a very hard time when you have plumbing issues to fix especially in this winter.  Serveral plubing issues arrive along with increasing temperature in winter. Pipe Brust,  Water Freezing in garden hose are the common issue faced by Toronto Resident. When winter comes all along there is considerably dropping in the temperature. This decrement in the temperatures results in more plumbing problems. Follow our article to overcome such winter plumbing problems, if not then call experienced Everest Drain and plumbing!


Clean clean your drains and gutters to prepare your plumbing for the winter.
Examine your water heater and the pressure relief valve on it.
Look for any leaks or drips.
Protect exposed pipes by insulating them.
Garden hoses should be kept in a safe place.
Turn off the water to your outside faucets.
If you’re going to be gone for a while, turn off the water

Use an electric heating pad wrapped around the pipe, an electric hair dryer, or a portable space heater (away from flammable things) to heat the pipe portion, or wrap pipes in hot water-soaked cloths. You won’t be able to flush your toilet if your pipes are frozen. The wastewater drain lines are completely independent from the supply pipes, one of which brings water into the toilet. Unless you manually add water if the supply pipes are frozen, you will likely only be able to flush the toilet once.

If you’re a plumber who works outside on a daily basis, the cold will effect you no matter where you are. Heat escapes the body faster, requiring the body to work harder to stay warm and maintain a normal core temperature.

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Frozen pipes resulting water line breakage;

As the temperature gets lower there is the higher chance of getting your pipe frozen. Few works as checking all the outdoor plumbing can be the best destination to stay away from frozen pipes. IF not then call the plumber from Everest drain and Plumbing.

To thaw the frozen pipe, use a space heater, heat light, or hair drier. Wrapping frozen pipes in thermostatically controlled heat tape (which ranges from $50 to $200 depending on length) is another quick solution to thaw a problem area. Don’t use a propane torch to defrost pipes since it can cause a fire.

Will the Pipes Defrost on Their Own? Yes, technically, but the “wait-and-see” strategy is risky. Any water caught between the faucet and the ice when it thaws can cause additional pressure within the pipe. This rise in pressure has the potential to cause frozen pipes to explode.

Water heater fails when you need it most

Cold winter temperatures take a toll on the water heater but sometimes it is easy as checking the temperature gauge.  It’s should never be higher than 140 degrees. If its sets below or above 140 degrees then you need to call us.

Water temperature concerns – One of the most prevalent problems with water heaters is water temperature issues. Mineral deposits separate and settle to the bottom of your water heater tank when the water is heated. Sediment accumulates over time, lowering the effectiveness of your water heater and eventually causing damage.

Sediment can accumulate in the bottom of the tank, where the burner is normally located, over time. This can cause your water heater to heat slowly or inefficiently, resulting in lukewarm rather than hot water. Drain the tank and use a water softener to solve the problem.

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Avoid grease in the pipes to prevent future problems;

Never ever pour grease, oil in the pipes if you really want to avoid your plumbing problems. When you continuously drop such materials on the pipes, these materials directly affect the smooth flow of water on the plumbing system. Thus avoid such usage of grease and oil to stay away from plumbing problems.

How to prevent the basement floods;

Before its snow, it is very necessary to check your drain system so that you can ensure if the plumbing system is blocked or not. After it snows check the drainage area whether there is snow/ice. If the Drainage system remains blocked then there is flooding on the basement or plumbing system will crack. Read More about Basement Flood

Already experienced winter plumbing problems it is better to call a highly professional plumber from Everest Drain and Plumbing. We provide 24-hour emergency plumbing services and other various plumbing services which you need most.  Thus, if you have plumbing problems then call us at 416-383-7378.

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