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How to Maintain Wood Burning Fireplace???

As the season’s changes and temperature becomes cold, due to this reason you need a cozy fire in your wood burning fireplace. Through woo burning fireplace, you get warm both your home and your spirits. If you haven’t cleared your fireplace since the last cool season, Now it is time to take care of it.

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Today we are going to discuss the How to Maintain Wood-Burning Fireplace??? so that you can take care of your fireplace.

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Everest Plumbing Aug 16, 2017
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Efficient steps to highly maintain a wood reliant fireplace

1. Have Schedule Inspection

It would be great if you have the inspection of your chimney by a professional chimney inspector to ensure that it is safe to use. On the top of your chimney, there is a cap that covers chimney top. This cap is to keep rain and small animals from getting inside. Check your cap yearly to prevent any problem.

2. Store Wood in the right manner

Always be sure that you are keeping your wood on the safe and dry place.

If you store wood outside, make sure you keep it at least 1-foot off of the ground. Also, cover the wood to protect from rain and cold.

3. Inspect Your Damper Regularly

By using a flashlight you can check if there is anything that may be causing a blockage in your chimney. Small animals may make your chimney as home. The dark material can develop from wood that has not been completely burned, can also build up. Thus, it is essential to inspect your damper regularly.

4. Prepare Your Firebox

Now, it is time to remove all of the ashes and debris from your firebox. Be sure the debris is completely cooled before removing it. Place the debris into an empty container. Sweep or vacuum are used to remove debris, out the remaining smaller pieces.

5. Burn wood properly

Burn wood in a proper manner so that all the wood burn without producing more smoke.

So, by following “How to Maintain Wood-Burning Fireplace???”, I hope that you surely get the idea to maintain the wood-burning fireplace.

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