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How to determine the cause and fix a leak like a pro!

Water leak are common plumbing problems in older homes and apartments with plumbing, that is often worn or in poor condition. It is not uncommon to be the victim of water flow after the installation of new pipes or plumbing equipment: the replacement of a faucet, the installation of a shower enclosure, etc.

To be able to allocate and stop a water leak, it is necessary to understand what is the cause. Indeed, depending on the reason for the water leak, the repair to be made are different. In addition, recognizing the root of a water leak can also improve the plumbing and prevent further leakage and damage.

The pipes are not always the only ones involved when there is a water leak at home. A faulty washing machine can also cause this type of damage.

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Here are the common causes of water leaks :

  • Installation of plumbing supplies not suitable for the installation in place.
  • Poor installation of plumbing elements: joints, pipes, welding, …
  • A freeze or shock that caused a hole in a pipe, hose or pipe.
  • A missing, worn or poorly laid seal.

You do not have to be a plumbing specialist to be able to stop a water leak at home. Just have some tools in hand. To be able to repair a leak yourself, you need:

Required tools:

  • A copper tube of slightly smaller diameter than your damaged pipe
  • A hacksaw
  • Two clamps commonly called greenhouseflex

A water leak is not necessarily complicated to repair. Indeed, water leaks from a connection can be stopped by tightening the fasteners or replacing a seal in poor condition. Similarly, leaks related to a drilled pipe which clogged with anti-leak products that temporarily sealed. Whether it’s a temporary or permanent plumbing repair.

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Steps to repair the water leak

  1. First, cut off the water supply and clean the section of the perforated pipe: cleaning and degreasing the copper.
  2. Equip yourself with a blowtorch and tin wire.
  3. Once the pipe is clean and dry, heat the pipe with the torch until you see the metal blush. Once the pipe is glowing, take the tin wire and place it on the hole of the pipe. In contact with the heated pipe, the tin will melt and permanently plug the crack.
  4. Finish by sanding the weld if the pipe is noticeable. Then clean to make a clean place.

If the problem is simple like mentioned above then, it won’t be difficult to fix by yourself like a pro, but, if you can’t find the leak root then, it can be a disaster.

Don’t panic, if there is a problem, then, there is a solution too. So your problem’s solution could be Everest Drain and Plumbing. All kinds of plumbing and drain services are available for residential, commercial, and industrial even on the weekends and holidays. Feel free to contact us for the best solution for your problem.

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