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How does septic tank aeration work?

Septic tank aeration and aerobic sewage treatment systems are the two most common types of domestic sewage treatment systems done by professional plumbers. Both works to start the cleaning process before transporting wastewater to a secondary treatment location. An aeration system may be a much better fit for your property and your family’s needs, depending on your needs.


Everest Plumbing Sep 24, 2021
septic tank aeration
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What Causes Septic tank aeration Problems?

Traditional septic systems operate in an anaerobic environment, encouraging the creation of a black, sludge-like layer in the drain field known as the biomat (biomaterial layer). Gravity-fed and pressurized drain fields, mounds, trenches, cesspools, seepage pits, dry wells, and lagoons are all examples of drain fields.

The biomat accumulates over time and plugs the drain field’s ground and sidewalls, preventing it from absorbing water discharged from the septic tank. Ponding, bad odors, sluggish toilets and drains, tank overflows, and system back-ups are all indicators of a failing septic system.

How Septic tank Aeration Systems Work?

The aeration system is designed to introduce oxygen into the wastewater so that the bacteria living within the system can break down the waste solids more quickly and efficiently. Whereas the septic tank creates an environment with little free oxygen in the wastewater, the aeration system is designed to introduce oxygen into the wastewater so that the bacteria living within the system can break down the waste solids more quickly and efficiently. 

Aerators are devices that introduce air into the sewage treatment system, allowing the liquid to mix and oxygenate. The solids degrade significantly faster as a result of this. The system consists of three different chambers that filter and purify domestic wastewater.

The first compartment, known as the “trash trap,” works similarly to an anaerobic septic tank, with heavier materials sinking to the bottom and lighter FOGs (Fat, Oil, and Grease) floating to the top. 

The water with suspended solids then enters the aeration chamber, where an aerator mixes the water and adds oxygen. Finally, the water is pumped out of the system after passing through a clarifier chamber, where any leftover solids fall to the bottom. The water is then usually routed to a smaller, secondary treatment facility (like a drain field, but one that is smaller than those required by an anaerobic system).

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The following are some of the disadvantages of using Septic tank aeration :

  • Electricity will be consumed. The best piece of advice is to keep the system from failing in the first place.
  • If the pump is overly powerful, the aerator in the septic system may agitate the contents of the tank, flushing sediments out to the drain field and exacerbating the situation.
  • The pumps in washing machines can become blocked with lint.

Advantages of an Aeration System

If your property lacks the area for a drain field or if your soil hinders effective septic drainage, as much of Northeast Ohio’s clay-rich soil does, an aeration system is suitable. Aeration systems are frequently employed in metropolitan areas with smaller buildings. When the drain field of an anaerobic septic system begins to deteriorate, an aeration system is frequently installed. 

Not only does the oxygen-rich water require less secondary filtration, but it also breaks down and reduces the number of sediments obstructing the drain field.

Excessive water usage will have less of an impact on your septic system because of the effectiveness and speed with which an aerator breaks down the sediments in your septic tank. For a larger household, an aerator is a smart choice because it can handle the output more efficiently.

Do you want to know if an aeration system is good for you and your family? Get in touch with us today to learn more about the various types of systems we provide!

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