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How do you know your pipe is leaking with a water meter?

You must know about the pipe leaks if you are in charge of the household. Water leaks are such a pain in the neck. Not only will you lose water and run your water bill, but it will also make your house a mess.

However, not all water leaks are visible, which can be a tricky situation. If you suspect a leak, then it is time you attempt to find out. Don’t worry if you don’t have a clue on how to figure it out, this article will help you figure it out.

Did you know you can know whether your pipe is leaking or not using a water meter? Yes, it is a very simple method and you won’t need any extra tools except your water meter.

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What is a water meter?

a couple of water meters

A water meter is a device which shows how much water is being used. This device will either have a dial meter or a digital screen. 

Dial meter: If you have a dial meter, the meter moves in a circle and gives you the exact volume of water you have used in cubic meters and liters.

Digital meter: If you have a digital screen, it is very easy to know how much water is being used because it directly shows what volume of water is being used. 

How to check for leaks using a water meter?

Turn off the taps in all the rooms

Make sure that all the taps in all the different rooms that require water are tightly shut. This means, no showering, no washing, and no flushing too.

Observe the reading of your water meter currently

When no water is being used, the dial in your water meter needs to be static meaning, it should not show any movements in numbers.

If you do not see any changes in the numbers in your water meter, it means that you do not have any leaks.

However, if the number in your water meter keeps running up or if the dial in your water meter keeps spinning even when you have all of your taps closed, this is a clear sign that there is a leak somewhere.

What to do if you have a leak or think your pipes are leaking?

Step 1: 

First, you need to be sure if your water pipes are leaking or not. So in that case, check the water meter.

If the numbers in the water meter keep rising(in the case of a digital water meter) or if the dial in the water meter keeps moving up(in the case of an analog water meter), this is indicative of a water leak. 

Step 2: 

Secondly, after being sure that your water pipe is leaking, you need to turn off the main line. This ensures that the water does not continue leaking and prevents water from being wasted. It also stops your house from being a mess.

Step 3: 

Thirdly, if you can figure out where the leak is from, you need to fix it or get someone to help you fix it. Generally, it is easier to fix a worn-out seal.

Step 4: 

If you cannot figure out where the leak is happening or what part of the pipe has burst, you should call a plumber. 

You should call for a professional plumber if it is a pipe burst too, because they are experts in the field with twice your experience who know exactly what to do.

Why do pipes leak?

Corrosion of the pipes over time

Water pipes can last anywhere from around 20 years to 70 years. The pipes start getting corroded over time and it depends on different factors, but it is majorly because of the life of the pipes.

High water pressure

High water pressure can be another culprit in causing your pipes to leak. A standard PSI for homes is 30 to 80 psi. If you have asked to increase your water pressure for a better flow in your home, this could drastically affect your water pipes. 

There is a reason there is a standard water pressure. This is because your pipes cannot withstand excessive water pressure.

Having a damaged seal

The other reason why your pipes are leaking could be the cause of the seal. Just like pipes corrode over time, the seal also tends to lose its grip. It becomes loose and could start getting worn out over time. 

If the problem is with the seal, you can see the puddles of water near the place where the seal has worn out, like places like sinks and toilets.

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Using your water meter to find out whether you leak or not is very smart. You will save your time and money if you use this technique. 

You do not have to call a professional for every small inconvenience. You can try to figure out some of your small problems yourself. You will save yourself some cash and time. Call for a plumber when you think the problem is serious and needs an expert’s help.


1. What causes a pipe leak?

There are various causes of pipe leaks. 

2. Will my water meter move if I leak?

Yes, if all the taps are closed shut but, your water meter keeps moving, this is a clear sign that your water pipes have leaks somewhere.

3. Can a water meter detect a dripping tap?

Yes, your water meter can detect a dripping tap. But you will have to wait for a long time. It is safe to wait for at least 2 hours to make sure that there is a dripping tap.

4. Who is responsible for the water leak after the meter?

You are responsible for fixing the water leak after the water meter. Call us for professional help.

5. Is it normal for a water meter to move?

Yes, it is normal for a water meter to move. This means that a continuous flow of water makes the dial move.

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