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Everest Drain & Plumbing is providing tips on Avoiding common Winter plumbing Problems.

Freezing temperatures, blistering winds and expanding ice make winter a dangerous time for your plumbing. Burst pipes and frozen pipes system could result in expensive repairs. Keep an eye out for these common plumbing problems and ensure an enjoyable winter season.

Pipes install within outer walls.

Your kitchen sink, shower, and other plumbing fixtures are often installed on the outer walls of the house. Although builders do this for convenience, it could cause a problem in especially cold winters or in walls that lack sufficient insulation. When temperatures drop well below zero, those pipes can freeze, resulting in a blockage and possible burst pipes.

Pipes that get used on a regular basis are not as likely to freeze up since water runs through them for a better part of the day. But the overnight hours provide ideal conditions for plumbing problems to take place, and the potential for damage is much higher at night when a leak would not be noticed right away.

Combat frozen pipes by adding insulation to the wall space or around the pipe where necessary, either blown in, fiberglass or foam insulation that will wrap around the plumbing pipes. Some experts also suggest that warmer interior air can be used to keep the pipes warm. Opening drawers and cabinets around the piping to improve air circulation help to reduce the risk of frozen pipes.

Use a space heater, heat lamp or hair dryer to thaw frozen pipes. Wrapping freezing pipes with insulation are the immediate solution for frozen pipes.

Consider this problem during the design phase of your home, and allow significant space around plumbing for insulation and air flow, especially pipes that run along the outer walls of your kitchen and bathroom.

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Everest Plumbing May 17, 2016
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