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Backup Sewer

The most horrible disaster for a homeowner is to deal with Backup Sewer of their home’s sewer system. The heavy rainfall can cause a sewage system to become overloaded, waste can get pushed back through the line into your home’s basement, toilets, drains, bathtub and even kitchen sinks. This causes damage to the home as well as hazardous to one’s health. 

Every drain in your home has its own pipeline which connects to the main backup sewer line. This main line in turn connects your home to the municipal sewer system of your city. Therefore, a problem with the main line is a serious matter which may lead to extensive property damage if not addressed. So, if you suspect your house sewer is backing up and not letting the wastewater flow properly,  Don’t worry! Just call  Everest plumbing and drain who proudly solves any kind of issues related to drain and sewer.

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Causes of Sewer Backup

  • Clogs
    Flushing the non-flushable items down the toilet is the main culprit for sewer backup. It is accumulated over the time that creates the real issue pushing waste that should flow into the public sewer system back into your home.  
  • Tree Roots
    Tree roots will spread out further as they grow old and wrap around the sewer line and crush the pipes and can cause damage or blockage of your sewer system. Even the roots from your neighbor’s trees can reach your sewer line and damage it.
  • Heavy Rainfall
    The heavy rainfall can overburden your city’s sewer lines. If the city’s sewer line can’t handle excess rainfall, the water can make its way into your home’s sewer line and cause sewer backflows.

Damaged Sewer Lines
The old sewer pipes are usually made of clay, cast iron or PVC. And these materials aren’t meant to last forever and deteriorate over time causing sewage backups.

How to prevent sewer backups?

  • Properly dispose of non-flushable waste.
  • Don’t pour grease down the drain as it solidifies within your pipes and gradually stops debris from draining, creating clog. 
  • If you have trees near your surroundings, you may have to periodically have the professional to cut the root.
  • Replace your old sewage system with a new and advanced pipe.
  • Install a backwater valve into a sewer line of your home to prevent sewer backflows. It allows wastewater to go out, but not to come back.
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What should you do if you experience a sewer backup?

The backwater valve installed in the sewer system is designed to prevent waste water from flowing in the wrong direction. This system may break down for a number of reasons, some minor but many of which may lead to property damage and have health issues. So, prompt cleanup can help minimize the problem and further damage.  Here is what you can do.

  • Turn off electrical power and shut off the main water system in the flooded area.
  • Wear protective clothing like gloves, facemask, eyeglasses and plastic boots
  • Open windows and doors to let the fresh air in and ventilate the area
  • Remove waste water or wet-vacuuming
  • Mop up the floors and wipe the walls with disinfectant and soap
  • Flushing out and disinfecting plumbing fixtures
  • Steam clean or remove the wet carpets and drapes
  • Repair or remove damaged wall covering
  • Call the professional plumber to inspect the damages and repair the sewer system.

Sewer backups can happen to anyone. It is not only a mess to clean up, but could cause thousands of dollars in damage to floors, walls, furniture and electrical systems.  If you need sewer line repair and maintenance services or any other plumbing services, feel free to contact Everest Drain. We provide emergency services 24/7 and our plumbers are licensed and professional in their works and fully insured. You can fully rely on us with our drain and plumbing services. Call us today at (416) 383-7378.

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