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Rusted Ductile Iron Pipe makes Drain Clogged

What is Ductile Iron Pipe?

Ductile iron pipe is a type of Ductile Cast Iron Pipe that is widely used for the transmission and distribution of potable water pipes. Similarly, the ductile iron used to make the water pipe is distinguished by the particles or nodular nature of the graphite contained within the iron. Also, If the house where you are living was built between the 50s-90s and still has its original sewer system, a part of that system is probably iron pipe.
Also, older pipes installed were usually made of metals like lead, copper, and cast iron that experience varying degrees of corrosion.

However, unless your home is at least 60 or 70 years old, it’s likely your cast-iron sewer pipe is in functional condition. Besides, eventually, cast iron pipes exposed to wastewater will become rusty and weak. Moreover, the rust can sometimes build up inside the pipe, blocking water from passing and causing many  problems for homes.  Similarly, there are various methods to repair severely rusted cast iron pipes and make them work like new again.

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Cast Iron Pipe Corrode
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The Inside of a Cast-Iron Pipe Rusts

Moreover, The interior lining of a cast-iron pipe corrodes from the inside, leaving a rough accumulation of rust. This narrows the interior and obstructs drainage flow consequently. Similarly, The interior of an older pipe is narrower and rougher. This makes the line more prone to clogs and poor drainage as well.

What can we do?

Furthermore, at Everest Drain &Plumbing, our highly trained plumbers provide cast iron pipe restoration in GTA equally. Also, we have years of experience and will go above and beyond to ensure that all your problems are solved efficiently and effectively. Likewise, If you want to know immediate tips to blocked for drain, here is the link.

What is Cast iron?

Cast iron or ductile iron pipe is a mixed metal made of iron, carbon, and silicone. It was a popular material for pipes and was used for plumbing pipes for the bulk of the 19th and 20th centuries until PVC came on the market.

drain blocked due to corrosion of pipe

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How cast iron corrodes?

When two pipes of different metals are used, over a certain time an electrochemical reaction in between them appears and leads to corrode, blocked, clogged, and damaged.

  1. Most of the houses constructed between the 50-90s have this sort of issue. People used to directly connect two separate pipes of different materials like clay and cast iron by cement and mortar, Ld(zinc). If your home has metal plumbing pipes, including copper, galvanized steel, cast iron, and brass, you will experience corrosion at some point during the lifespan of the pipe. The length of time of underground waste pipes before you experience corrosion depends on many different factors. One reason is the type of materials, the acidity of your water, and the chemical in your portable water. Experts recommend checking the ingredients on household drain cleaners, as many brands contain sulfuric acid, which accelerates pipe corrosion.
  2. Another reason is external corrosion caused by materials found in soil. Soil generally contains high levels of acidity, stray electric currents, and toxins, all of which can cause cast iron pipes to rust. External rust is sometimes not exactly a cause for concern, though it may indicate more serious problems in the internal piping.
  3. The next reason is the mature trees around your house or neighborhood. These root systems may have spread into the plumbing lines beneath our houses. If you find old trees and plants located close to your house, do some quick research on their root

Cast Iron Pipe Replacement due to Corrosion

If you suspect the following issues, it’s time to consider pipe repair or replacement:

  • Sewage odor
  • Sewage and drainage backups, block, and damage
  • Pest infestation due to seepage of waste material
  • Bubbling or gurgling sounds emanating from toilets
  • Leaks
  • Water stains or discolorations on flooring, carpet, and other rug

If you live in a home with cast iron sewer pipes, it’s recommended to have them inspected regularly. Everest Drain & Plumbing offers several solutions for problems with cast iron sewer pipes that are both effective and long-lasting. Contact us today at (416) 383-7378.

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