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DIY Plumbing Tips: Install Tankless Gas Water Heater at Home

In need of water heater installation services? Perhaps you’re contemplating the installation of a tankless gas water heater as a replacement for your traditional unit. Many homeowners opt for the transition to a tankless water heater because traditional models often encounter issues such as overheating or obstructing the household water pipes with debris. At Everest Drain and Plumbing, your trusted Toronto plumber, we are prepared to guide you through the step-by-step process of installing a tankless water heater.

Everest Plumbing Jul 23, 2016
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Install a Gas Supply Line for Tankless Heater

To begin, the initial step is to incorporate a T valve into the existing gas line. Following this, proceed by running a fresh corrugated stainless steel supply line specifically designated for the tankless water heater.

Tie Copper Waterlines for the Tankless Water Heater

You should then tie in new waterlines for the tankless water heater. Bell-hanger brackets are best to hold the pipes in place. It helps to prevent contact with the wall and to facilitate applying pipe insulation. Clean copper pipe joints and coat with flux before soldering.

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Build a Covered Platform and Position the Tankless Water Heater

Construct a covered vertical platform to position the tankless water heater. Its vent should clear the floor joists and pass through the outside wall. Hang the tankless water heater on the covered platform. Secure it by driving screws through the holes on its mounting bracket into the platform.

Connect Valves, Traps and Supply Lines to Tankless Water Heater

Connect the gas shut-off valve and sediment trap and then attach the corrugated stainless steel supply line. Make connections between the water shutoff valves and the tankless water heater. It’s better to use bell-hangers to support the pipe runs.

Attach Heater Vent Piping, Connectors and Elbows

You should then apply heat-resistant silicon sealant to the heater vent. Slip on a connector and secure it with a hose clamp. Then add and secure sections of vent pipe as well as elbows. Bore through the outside wall at the center of the vent hole.

Then, install metal thimble through the outside wall and finish up remaining connections of the vents. Don’t forget to protect the pipes with insulation.

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