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Causes of a Leaky Basement and How to Fix Them?

Got a leaky basement? No homeowner ever wanted water in their home, we understand what a headache it can be. If you aren’t quick to fix the problem it can be threatening to the entire structure of your house as you have to deal with mold and damage to your belongings. There are numerous causes of a Leaky Basement and it is important to identify the warning signs and symptoms. Here are a few things to look for:

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Warning Signs and Symptoms

  • Water dripping out of the Walls
  • Moisture on the Walls and Floor
  • Damp, Humid Air
  • Discolored Walls
  • The odor of Mold or Mildew
  • Efflorescence
  • Stained or warped wood

If you see any of these signs, you are experiencing a leaky basement. Before you can even go about looking into home waterproofing solutions, it is very important to know the causes of leaks and exactly where the water is coming from. So that you can ensure you’ve picked the best option. It is better to consult with a professional about why you are having water problems, how the presented solution will stop it. Often waterproofing is done in and around the basements to keep it dry and warm compared to moldy and damp; smelling, looking like a dump.

Leaky Basement can cause major issues for your home from structural damage to dangerous mold that is unsafe to your health. So what exactly are the causes of a leaky basement? And more importantly, what can you do to fix it? So let’s talk about the reasons your basement may be leaking water.

Causes of Leaky Basement and how to fix them

1. Rain and water pools around the foundation

Heavy rainfall can be problematic to home that hasn’t been properly waterproofed. If there isn’t proper drainage that directs the water away from the structure. Without proper grading, downspouts, and gutters, that water might find its way into your basement. In our previous post, we have talked about What to do when you find Leaking Gutters? Visit the link if you are having issues with leaking Gutter.

The Fix: Make sure to divert water away from the foundation. Also regularly clear out gutters and downspouts water at a sufficient distance from the house.

2. Cracks in or around windows and doors

The main use of a window in your basement is to provide light to your basement. But sometimes the issue is created due to small cracks and holes in a window. Leaky gutters are also the common source of disturbance for windows and doors.

The Fix: Sealing them properly and making sure outside drainage is adequately diverting water away from your home. To get things checked out don’t hesitate to contact a basement waterproofing company.

3. Sump Pump Failure

The sump pump is used in the basement to collect unwanted water and simply discharge it away from the home. So, it is an important equipment you should have in your basement. But it is not properly maintained or installed, it won’t work correctly and will most likely leak into your basement.

The Fix: A waterproofing system will assist the sump pump in filtering water out and away from your home. Thus, we suggest you invest in a good sump pump and clean it and properly maintained it.

4. Cracks in Your Foundation

Cracks in your foundation basement are one of the most serious issues when it comes to leaking basements. Hydro-static pressure forces water into the basement also presses upward on the basement floor and can cause it to crack. The more rainwater you have, the bigger and more serious the problem. Resulting in the erosion of the foundation, multiple cracks, or even a complete structural failure of your home.

The Fix: A general check of your drainage systems is always a good place to start when trying to identify a leak.

5. Condensation

Sometimes basement leaks don’t occur due to external water, but simply high humidity levels inside your basement. Condensation shows wet spots, water droplets, or puddles on the floor. Before things get out of hand it’s better to check the regular occurrence of wet walls in your basement.

The Fix: This problem can easily be solved by installing proper venting.

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Waterproofing Your Basement

A different company may offer different solutions that to fix a leaking basement. The waterproofing methods help to seal your foundation so tightly that it will hold off the water. Basement waterproofing using coatings is effective where condensation is the main source of wetness. A waterproof coating a top becomes far easier to repair and maintain. Efficient waterproofing systems help create a clean living and workspace. It protects the property as well as the people in it.

Everest drain and Plumbing is one you should prefer calling for any kind of professional waterproofing services in an around the Greater Toronto Area (GTA).

Weeping Tile System Installation

A weeping tile system installation is drainage system to protect the foundation of your home and building from water damages.

Factors making weeping tile system great!

  • Drains Water from The Walls
  • It Resists Clogging
  • Has a Big Drain Outlet to The Sump
  • Does not Cause Foundation Structural Damage

Taking into consideration the need for affordable, reliable and robust professional waterproofing services in Toronto, your very own 24-hour emergency Toronto plumbers. For the highest quality service contact a professional plumbing company in Toronto at 416-383-7378.

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