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Causes of Garbage Disposal Leaking

A garbage disposal leaking is a pretty simple fix but somewhat its the matter of complication. There are many places of the complication where leaking may occur. The best Toronto Plumbing Services can really help to detect the causes of garbage disposal leaking. By knowing the causes of Garbage disposal leaking you can solve the problems yourself.

Everest Plumbing Jul 25, 2017
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The possible causes of garbage disposal leaking

1. Sink Flange is loose:
The Sink Flange is that piece that connects the garbage disposal to the sink drain. Leaks commonly occur here when the connection between the sink flange and the sink drain is not a tight one.

Firstly, the mounting bolts that secure it in place may not be tight enough. There are three of them tight them firmly.

2. The Dishwasher Connection
The drain pipe of the dishwasher is also connected to some garbage disposals. This connection helps to remove the leftover food from plates and pans as they go through the washing cycle.

Leaks can occur in the hose where the disposal connects to the dishwasher unit. They can also occur if the clamp on the hose is not secure enough.

Solution:  tighten the clamp down on the hose or replace the section of cracked hose.

3. Discharge Pipe
There is a discharge pipe on the button of garbage disposal that goes into the drain of the sink. It is connected through a flange and a seal. With the passage of the time, the connection can become weak and may leak.

Solution: Tighten the flange with a plumber’s wrench. If the bottom unit still leaks, then replace the seal.

4. Crack in Body
As your food waste disposal system gets older, it may crack along its interior shell. When the shell cracks, water will start to emerge from the seams.

Solution: If you find the cracks in the body, you need to replace the whole body.

5. Knocked Loose
The bulk of most garbage disposal systems, including pipes and seals, is located under the kitchen sink. Since people use the rest of the area under their sinks for storing items, it’s not uncommon that someone bumps into the garbage disposal pipes.

If you have to replace the garbage disposal, come to us if you need any kinds of replacement and professional plumbing works.

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