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What is Backflow Prevention and why is it important?

Backflow means the direction that the water, suppose to flow gets reversed; from your house pipe (drinking water pipe, irrigation pipe, tank pipe) to the main water supply pipe. When the direction of water flow is reversed as such, the water supply can be contaminated by gases, liquids, or solids entering the water supply. Basically, it means that dirty water mixes with clean water in your Toronto home or office.

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Why does the water flow backward?

Water flows backward due to Siphonage which means when the pressure becomes low in the main water supply pipe; the house pipe, connected to a water tank dipped in a water tank flows back and mixes with the water of the main supply pipe.

Causes of Backflow

  • Backflow happens either because of back pressure or Siphonage.
  • Due to increased pressure in the pipes, potable water from within your premises flows backward and can enter the sewer lines.
  • Rupture of the pipe or installation of several hydrants on the same pipeline
  • Low pressure in the main lines due to a burst pipe.

It is especially important for people with gardens to install backflow preventers for their own health concerns. Furthermore, it is important to any water-based businesses such as dry cleaners, car wash, dental offices, swimming pools, and restaurants for maintenance of safety of people. All in all, none should take backflow lightly.

Backflow Prevention Device in Toronto

Backflow Prevention Device is a special device that is used to prevent the clean water supply from being contaminated in the event when the direction of water flow is reversed. A backflow prevention Toronto device is also known as a Reduced Pressure Zone Device (RPZ). This device is located onto your plumbing system, thus it simply helps to safeguard your drinking water and the main city water supply from unwanted substances. It is required when a house or building is equipped with an irrigation system, fire suppression system, or a large boiler. Toronto City Law requires the use of an RPZ as a silhouette in the Ontario Plumbing code and Ontario Environmental Protection Agency. Also, the law not only requires the use of an RPZ device but that device must be tested once every year.

If there occurs a drop in the city or building water pressure, the RPZ valve will open up, dumping water out rather than allowing the contaminated water to back-flow into the water supply. In our another post, we have talked about Whats and Whys of a Backflow Prevention Toronto Device? Visit the link if you wanna know more about backflow prevention Toronto device.

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Backflow Preventer Installation

When it comes to the installation of the backflow preventer in your homes/businesses. As well as, when it comes to any backflow issues, Everest Plumbing and Drain do it right; with our licensed and highly professional plumbers. We have different types of backflow preventers, such as double check backflow preventer, anti-siphon valve, atmospheric vacuum breaker, and the latest ones. The testing of backflow preventer consists of testing of valves. Furthermore, the city inspectors have passed our backflow preventers without any issues.

Mixed water is not good for health; So, Everest Plumbing and Drain wants you to have a good health by installing backflow preventer at a reasonable price.

Important of Backflow preventer installation:

  1. There is no need to destroy your basement floor and add furthermore renovation costs.
  2. Minimize the risks of water contamination
  3. There will be no any smell or spillage in your home.
  4. By installing an appropriate device, you can certainly protect your home.

Backflow Device Testing

Backflow Device Testing means to test a backflow prevention device that prevents contaminated water from flowing into our drinking water. For the well-being of people and ourselves; we must test a backflow prevention device every 12 months for its physical and functional integrity. Testing a backflow prevention device means keeping our drinking water free from chemicals, fertilizers, toxins, and pet waste.

To ensure safe drinking water throughout the year, backflow specialist Toronto Plumber is a dependable medium that can conduct backflow device testing annually and accurately.

How Backflow testing performed?

The Backflow prevention devices have built-in ports which make testing easy. The device is tested by a plumber using a specially designed test kit.

For your benefit, Everest Drain and Plumbing can provide the best customer experience; with an annual reminder to have your RPZ certified to stay in agreement with your city. In addition, you can reach us at 416-383-7378, we are available 24 hours for regular and emergency plumbing services.

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