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5 Common septic tank plumbing and drainage Issue

Septic Tanks plumbing was common and prevalent throughout the GTA and Ontario, but throughout the 20th century, cities, and greater towns favored direct sewage connections over septic tanks. Septic tanks are still a key component of waste management, and disposal in rural, and some suburban areas because of their convenience and periodic cleaning.

Here are some common, but important issues that may arise from a homeowner’s septic tank. We will also give you some advice on how to prevent future problems with your septic tank.

Everest Plumbing Feb 14, 2023
Common septic tank issue in rural area in greater toronto area
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Aging Holding Tank

Modern holding tanks are equipped with newer features like dip pipes, which control waste outflow, and dual chambered septic tank system. The dual chamber is an innovative way to reduce sludge flow and increase scum, and wastewater outflow, to the filtration bed. Give your tank a look, and see if it needs replacing with a new and robust modern septic tank system.

Infrequent or Lax Maintenance

Believe it or not, Holding tanks require periodic maintenance like checking on working parts of the system, and draining the tank of wastewater on time before overflooding can occur. A periodic visit by a local plumber should also be on your list, as they can thoroughly inspect for malfunction, and maintain the optimal state of the septic tank system.

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Clogged inflow or outflow pipes

Another common issue is clogged pipes that bring wastewater into the holding tank, and out of it. These pipes can be susceptible to clogs as over time deposits can accumulate on the pipe’s diameter, narrow the passageway which further increases the processing time, and may increase the chances of backflow of sewage into the home or flooding.

clogged drain line in septic system

Penetration of Plant/tree roots

Another threat to septic tanks is the flora roots; they naturally seek out moisture, and the warm liquid leaching out of the porous pipes is the perfect invitation. The roots often penetrate the lines and eventually work their way into the septic tank itself. This can cause tremendous economic damage, and the solution is to install the system far from gardens, and trees.

drainage issue caused by tree roots

Disposing non-biodegradable items

Lastly, the septic tank system is only designed to handle biodegradable waste like human feces. The system cannot process plastics, tampons, diapers, metals, or other inorganic waste. Therefore, disposing of foreign items may cause clogs or worse cause physical damage to the septic system.

Please note that these steps can prevent future issues with the septic tank, but there will always be other issues that we have not covered, if you encounter any of the above-listed problems please call your local plumber, or Everest Drain & Plumbing as we work around the clock, provide emergency services, we work throughout the GTA, and offer a high-quality service with upfront costs.

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