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Tips to prevent & unfreeze frozen pipe-2023

Unfreeze frozen pipes: Tips for fixing them quickly and safely-Frozen pipes are one of the most typical plumbing problems in the winter. This occurs when the water pipes’ temperature drops to near freezing and they freeze. Freezing pipes can halt water flow and perhaps cause catastrophic damage.

The pipe will freeze if the temperature dip to sub-freezing levels. Because water expands when it freezes, frozen pipes can burst, causing flooding and extensive water damage, and no one wants to be in such a stressful situation. Frozen water pipes can cause significant harm if not resolved promptly.

When winter starts, it isn’t unusual for a few pipes to freeze even after applying the best safety measures. What is the ideal approach to deal with this circumstance to solve the problem?

Everest Plumbing Jan 25, 2019
Tips to prevent & unfreeze frozen pipe
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Know your water service pipe-unfreeze frozen pipe

Knowing your main water shutoff valve is essential for avoiding a frozen pipe. You and the city on the water pipe. From the street water main to the property line, the city owns the land. Your share extends from the property line into your home.


property line for water service pipe

How can we prevent frozen pipes?

  • In case the pipe bursts, locate & shut off the main water shut-off valve.
  • Insulate pipes in areas susceptible to freezing, particularly those near walls, crawl spaces, attics, and basements. This can be accomplished by utilizing a foam pipe cover available at any hardware or hardware store.
  • Seal any air leaks in your home or garage to keep the chilly air out. Examine the areas surrounding windows and doors, as well as the electrical wires, dryer vents, and pipes.
  • Outdoor faucets are the first to freeze. Remove all of the hoses, turn off the outdoor water supply, and shut off & empty the faucet.
  • If your pipes frequently freeze, you may have an unnoticed problem. Consult a plumber about the best ways to secure your home.
  • Customers who use commercial water – Encase with insulation to all lines exposed to the cold to protect fire protection lines.

Here is the video guide from the city of Toronto to prevent the plumbing system from freezing and quick remedy.

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Things we can do when the temperature drops below zero

If you have any area in your house which you feel like expose more to outside enviroment or are away from dry wall insulation for example: place in front of basement foundation, near water meter, We recommend you to open near by fixutre or faucet with low water running to prevent pipe from freezing near those area. Continous running of water in line help to prevent pipe from freezing. You can apply this method by observing weather forecast of your area.

  • Even while you’re not home, keep all parts of your home warm, especially near your water meter.
  • Keep the garage door closed if you have a water pipe in it.
  • Open the doors to the kitchen, bathroom, and linen closet to allow warm air to circulate around the piping infrastructure.

For long leave away from home:

  • Close the main water supply valve to the internal line. It is typically found in the basement of the foundation wall, where the drinking water line enters your home. After closing the valve, open the subterranean cold-water faucet to drain any remaining water from the pipe.
  • You might also want someone to check on your house on a regular basis.
  • You can ensure the integrity of the system by running a pencil-thin stream of water.

How to thaw frozen pipes ? Do it yourself

If you turn on the faucet and the water does not flow out, your home’s pipes may be frozen. The following are the most likely places for frozen pipes:

  • In front of the outside wall.
  • The point at which the water supply pipe enters the house via the foundation wall.

Here are some suggestions and cautions for thawing frozen pipes.

Important note:

  • Do not use direct flame burners to defrost pipes – the risk of fire.
  • Check the position of the main water stop valve. If your pipe breaks, you should immediately turn off the water to your home until the pipe is repaired.

Steps to thaw frozen pipes

  • Switch on the basement faucet, preferably the cold water tap in the laundry room.
  • Increase the temperature of the home.
  • Heat a suspected frozen pipe by heating the surrounding air or directly applying heat. Electric heating pads, hair dryers, space heaters, and warm towels or rags are all options.
  • Never leave any electrical equipment unattended. Also, do not thaw frozen pipes using kerosene or propane heaters, charcoal fires, or open flames.
  • Depending on the ambient temperature and the degree of freezing in the pipe, the thawing procedure can take 1-6 hours. Once the pipe has melted, cautiously reintroduce water and inspect for cracks or leaks.
  • Hair dryer can be used if frozen pipe are easily accessible, this method is best for fixture frozen pipe
  •  Watch the Above video on how a hair dryer can help you out

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How to thaw frozen pipes underground?

For small utilities, push a 1/4 inch or less flexible plastic tube through the frozen pipe and pump hot water through the hose. Water pressure can be obtained directly from nearby buildings or through a plumbing system.

What is the quickest way to thaw frozen pipes?

Use a space heater, heat lamp, or hair dryer to thaw the frozen length of the pipe. Wrapping the freezer pipe with thermostatically controlled heating tape is also an effective way to quickly thaw problem areas. Do not thaw pipes with a propane torch as this is a fire hazard.

What can I pour drains to unfreeze the unfreeze pipes?

Just pour a handful of salt down the drain and immediately pour boiling water over it. Alternatively, boil water in a pot and stir salt into the boiling water. Once the salt has completely dissolved, carefully pour it down the drain.

Will Frozen pipes unfreeze on their own?

While technically possible, a wait-and-see approach is risky. As this ice begins to melt, water collects between the faucet and the ice, increasing pressure in the pipes. This increased pressure can cause frozen pipes to burst.

What to do if pipes are already frozen?

Heat until full water pressure is restored. If you cannot find the frozen area, cannot access the frozen area, or cannot thaw the pipe, immediately contact a local licensed plumber.


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