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Should I install Plastic Pipe or Copper Pipe?

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Everest Plumbing Nov 03, 2017
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Most people are confused about whether to install Plastic pipe or Copper pipe. You may also wonder why the plumber prefers plastics pipes in the plumbing system. As the plastic pipe is easy for fitting and longer durability and usability, it is mostly preferred by the Toronto Plumber. Copper pipes are also used for the plumbing pipes. Both have better plumbing fixes and both of them have their own share of advantages. We, the best Toronto Plumber is going to give you the best ideas to choose plumbing pipes for your home. That is if you are confused with the question, Should I install Plastic Pipe or Copper Pipe? Then, read on we have made easy for you,  Which pipe is Better Plastic or copper pipes? This post will weigh the risks, and it will pose the question of which piping material should be used either for new construction or renovation projects.

There is a  heated debate on to install plastic pipe or copper pipe systems. It’s a subject that every installer has an opinion on and is keen to share, usually preferring to use one material over the other, either install plastic pipe or copper pipe. Before we jump to the debate. Let us check out some of the questions that need to be addressed before selecting the material.

  • Does plastic pipe or copper pipe last longer?
  • How faster is it to fit plastic pipe than it is to fit copper piping?
  • Which is affordable plumbing pipes, copper pipe or plastic pipe?
  • Which pipe can withstand the cold or hot temperatures?
  • Can copper pipe take more heat than a plastic pipe?
  • Can plastic pipe take more water pressure than the copper pipe?
  • Is fitting plastic pipe a better idea than to install copper pipe?
  • How long does plastic pipe last for compared to copper pipe?

Plastic Pipes

After Plastic pipes were introduced in the 1980s, it has become increasingly popular – not surprising as plastic pipes are easy to install. The route of plastic pipes through the building can be more versatile and it can potentially contribute to making the building more holistically designed. Plastic pipes are also less expensive which obviously helps with budgeting and money allocation. Moreover, it can also be used for 50 years or more. Plastic pipes are an excellent alternative for areas that are too small or too tight for rigid copper pipes. Furthermore, plastic pipes do not corrode and also can expand up to eight times before it freezes

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Will You Install Plastic Pipe or Copper Pipe? Still Confused!

Copper Pipes

Copper pipes have been around this world since Ancient Egypt. As, it is a natural resource, existing in the earth’s crust, plants, animals, and humans, it has long been used for benefit of mankind. Copper pipes are the primary alternative to plastic pipes. Copper is antimicrobial and does not pose the same risks that plastic pipes do like unknown contaminants  & bacteria growth. With that said, copper has also its own share of problems. You cannot find a complete consensus, though that why one should use copper pipes. Some qualified plumbers and many homeowners prefer to work with copper pipe materials that have a history and fewer unknowns.

1. Is it faster to install Plastic pipe or Copper Pipe?

Plastic pipe fitting is an extremely quick process because of its flexibility and the speed of fitting the fittings together. To connect a speed fit fitting it can take about just 5-seconds. To fit compression fitting it takes about an average of 40-seconds. While in case of the copper pipes it takes the longest time to fit and is hard to carry due to its weight. This copper pipe fitting takes longer time than plastic fittings.

2. Which is more expensive, copper pipe or plastic pipe?

We know that Plastic pipe seems to be cheaper as copper prices keep rising, however, the cost of the fitting for plastic is very expensive and as an overall can sometimes work out cheaper. Both pipes seem to be expensive.

3. Is plastic pipe more likely to leak than that copper pipe?

Plastic pipe can take up to 10-bars of water pressure. The amount of pressure on the copper pipe depends on how tight the fitting has been placed on. It has been reported that a sound system can take 5-bars but as soon as the pressure goes up, then this depends on how tight the fitting is. It has been known that a fitting can take up to 25-bar or more. ‘So they say’.

4. Does plastic pipe or copper pipe withstand the cold or hot temperatures?

As Professional emergency plumber with years of plumbing services, we found that the copper attracts the cold more leaving it in pole position the split first. The plastic pipe also has more of an expansion where copper splits easier.

Plastic pipes can withstand the highest temperature of not more 92˚C for Speed fit. The heat of a copper pipe as a melting point of 1100˚C. Copper pipes can withstand the extreme heat temperatures.

5. Is fitting plastic pipe a better alternative to copper pipe?

Plastic pipe has now been around for just more than 20-years but has evolved into a high-quality material. It is quicker and more flexibility. Copper has a lifespan of only 25 years.  Due to the age of the pipe and the installation, the quality of the rubber is un-proven has yet. It is also found that copper fitting in comparison to pipe and plastic fitting is very similar when it comes to requiring an emergency plumber. Where copper fitting is not evolving, plastic is changing all the time.

licensed and experienced plumber can help you determine which type, either plastic pipe or copper pipe, is best for their situation. Toronto Plumbers are certified by the product manufacturer who can install in accordance with the manufacturer’s installation instructions. Contact today at  416-383-7378 for all your plumbing and drain needs.

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