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Services that Toronto Plumber should offer

Toronto Plumber can offer you a variety of services based on your budget and needs. You can choose the best and most affordable ones from a range of cleaning companies.  Some companies offer more services than another while other companies may provide extended services. To inquire about the company, either you can visit their website or call them. Make sure they have a license.

Every plumbing and drain companies offer a common kind of service like repair and maintenance by a Toronto plumber. Some also offer installation services for water heaters and water pipes. However, for complete maintenance and repair of drains, the company you choose should provide the following services.

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Video Camera Inspections

Sometimes, an issue with the drains cannot be seen on the surface, a camera inspection can provide an inside view of the problem. To make sure the drain is flowing properly, camera inspections can be an excellent method. It is the most efficient way to identify problems. Problems like broken tiles, inline traps, offset joints, pipe sagging, pipe cracks, negative grade sloping, sludge buildup, and more.

Snaking (Rootering)

The drain snake is one of the most important friends of a plumber. We use snaking to clear and clean clogged drains. It is a kind of device that features a long, flexible metal cable where several metal bits are attached to its end. We lay down the spinning head of a snake in a drain until it reaches the clogged or blocked area and cleans it.

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Hydro Jetting

During hydro jetting, we use a high pressure of water to clean away the accumulated waste.  This waste builds upon the walls of your drain.  The main difference between hydro-jetting and snaking is that snaking creates a temporary opening in a pipe while hydro jetting uses a stream of high-pressure water. Landscaped yards and finished basements benefit the most. These areas are difficult to reach and in some situations, full pipe replacement is not feasible.

Excavation / Pipe Replacement

As excavation or pipe replacement is a drastic process, it requires expertise and knowledge. After camera inspection and snaking, we perform pipe replacement for a permanent solution. Almost a good company should explain all the available alternatives before this process and We follow clean up and a final inspection after excavation.

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