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Replace rusted rough brass P-Trap under the sink Queen’s park building!

The P-trap is that the U-formed pipe under the sink that holds enough water to keep sewer gases from entering the washroom. You can alter the P-trap, sliding it here and there(up and down) on the pipe that leaves the sink drain. Another end of the P-trap can move in and out of the fitting on the wall.


Everest Plumbing Jan 06, 2019
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Steps to install rusted rough brass P-Trap under the sink

  • Move the short side of the P-trap onto the backside end that drops down from the sink waste. Slide the P-trap here and there (up or down) to adjust the trap arm with the opening in the wall.
  • Take the lower section of the P-trap separated and embed the trap arm into the divider fitting.
  • Draw the trap arm out of the fitting until the point when it lines up with the best U-molded bit of the device.
  • Embed the trap arm over into the wall deplete, slide it into an adjustment with the device, and string on the slip bolt.
  • After you’ve combined the device parts, fix the slip bolts on the backside end and the waste fittings.

Planning to do it by yourself?

There is no doubt that you cannot fix your plumbing by yourself. You can solve some small plumbing problems but for big issues, you required plumbers to assist you. Likewise, this replacement of rusted rough brass P-Trap under the sink can be done without the help of any plumbers. You can install, clear the P-Trap or replace by yourself.

The problem is that if there is any problem in installation or after the installation then you have to call plumbers and they may demand a high cost. And sometimes the basin broke then again you have to call a plumber. To prevent from these you have to call plumbers.

If you really want to do it by yourself then first observe how the plumbers do and try to do some small works. And in future, if any problem you can do it.

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Recently Everest Plumbers have replaced rusted rough brass P-Trap under the sink at Queen park building !! @ Queen’s Park. The work was fluent without any problem and looks just perfect. So that if you are searching for the best plumber in Canada then remember Everest Drain and Plumbing for your help.

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  • And finally, we as Everest Plumber follow all the code and regulations.

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