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Reasons why my furnace is leaking

When it comes to the place of leaking, a furnace can be the place where you have to check it first. Also, the winter is coming, the proper furnace checkup is essential. Toronto plumber can do it for you. There may be leaking in the furnace. Due to this leaking, the furnace may not work in the proper manner.

Everest Plumbing Aug 06, 2017
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Let’s see the Reasons for leaking my furnace

1. Poor Pipe Insulation Can Cause Condensation to Form

One of the causes of gas furnace leaking water is poor insulation around pipes and lines where condensation can occur. If the insulation has gaps or poorly-taped spots, condensation can form, drip down, and collect on the floor beneath the furnace. Fortunately, this is one of the few causes that is pretty easy for homeowners to fix. Replacing insulation is essential for this best way to get rid of.

2. The clog is the floor drain

Due to the condensation, your floor drain may be clogged. Clear the floor drain of dirt, debris, and obstructions regularly to help reduce backups and flooding.

3. Internal Drain Clogs 

In summer, air conditioning units that share an internal drain with a furnace can lead to water under the furnace. Internal drain units clog easily, causing moisture generated by air conditioner condensers to build up and leak from the furnace itself. A clogged condensation drain usually requires a professional to service it. Thus, the Professional plumber can help you to get away from such problems.

4. Leaky Pipes Near Your Furnace

Leaky plumbing pipes may also be cause for your furnace leaking water. Additionally, a clogged plumbing pipe could cause a backup in a floor drain, also making it appear that your furnace is leaking.

5. Heat Exchanger

A malfunction in the secondary heat exchanger could be the cause of a leaky furnace. If you can not find out why your furnace is leaking water, call your Professional plumbing company to solve the problems. It would be better to replace your heat exchanger if it is broken.

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