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Common toilet problems and Solution

Let’s start with a topic that might not be the most glamorous, but that we all experience toilet issues. Yes, those unanticipated hitches that often leave us perplexed. The toilet is frequently disregarded in a typical home and only becomes noticed when problems occur. The good news is that many toilet-related issues have simple fixes that DIY experts can complete. 

But don’t worry! We’ve gathered a list of 10 typical toilet problems along with their simple fixes so you can handle them like an expert. Everest Drain and Plumbing would love to share with you the most common toilet problems accompanied by a solution. If you are in one of these predicaments and cannot fix it yourself, call a Professional Toronto Plumber from Everest.

Everest Plumbing Feb 19, 2017
Common toilet problems and Solution
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10 Common Toilet Problems and Their Simple Solutions

1. Clogs Galore

The Issue: The most typical headache is unquestionably a blocked toilet. Clogs can readily form when items like paper towels, sanitary items, or an excessive amount of toilet paper are flushed down the toilet. 

The Solution: Start with a plunger to solve this problem. To produce pressure, position the plunger over the drain hole and give it a few strong pumps. This ought should clear the obstruction. Try a toilet auger if that fails. To dislodge or grab onto the clog, feed the auger down the drain while rotating the handle.

2. Phantom Flushes

The Issue: Have you ever heard your toilet suddenly refill as if someone just flushed it? This phenomenon is known as a “phantom flush.” 

The Solution: A flapper that isn’t sealing correctly is usually to blame. Verify the chain that is attached to the flapper; if it is too long or too short, the flapper may not seal. Replace the flapper if changing the chain doesn’t solve the problem.

3. Weak Flush

The Issue: A weak flush can leave you feeling frustrated. It could be due to a low water level or mineral buildup in the rim holes, which affects the flushing power. 

The Solution: The tank’s water level has to be changed first. The appropriate water level is often indicated via indicators. Furthermore, mineral buildup may prevent water from passing through the rim holes. Use a wire hanger to carefully remove any obstacles.

4. Tackling Relentless Running Water

The Issue: A leak can be detected by the continuous sound of running water, even while the toilet is not in use. 

The Solution: This often occurs when a flapper isn’t fully closing. The chain may be too tight, preventing the flapper from closing all the way. Ensure proper flapper seal by adjusting the chain length. If the flapper is worn or damaged, replace it.

5. Solving the Leaky Base Dilemma

The Issue: If you notice water pooling around the base of your toilet, it’s likely due to a worn-out wax ring or a loose toilet. 

The Solution: This issue is resolved by swapping out the wax ring. You must first remove the toilet to remove the old wax, install a new wax ring, and then firmly reattach the toilet.

6. Hissing Sound Mysteries Ceasing

The Issue: Hearing a hissing noise from the toilet suggests that water is continuously leaking into the bowl. 

The Solution: Typically, a damaged fill valve causes this to happen. Adjust the float arm or replace the fill valve to eliminate the hissing and save water.

7. Swift Solutions for Slow Refilling

The Issue: If your toilet takes longer than usual to refill after a flush, the water supply valve or the fill valve could be problematic. 

The Solution: To guarantee that there is adequate water flow, make sure the water supply valve is fully open. It will substantially speed up refilling if the fill valve is replaced if it is damaged or outdated.

8. Wobbly Toilet

The Issue: A toilet that wobbles when you sit on it indicates loose mounting bolts. 

The Solution: To stabilize the toilet, firmly tighten the mounting nuts at the base. To prevent breaking the porcelain that supports the bathroom, avoid overtightening.

9. Cracked Tank

The Issue: A tiny crack in the toilet tank can lead to leaks and water wastage. 

The Solution: You might have to replace the tank if the crack is severe. A tank patch kit can fix tiny breaches and stop future leaking.

10. Cold Seat Woes

The Issue: Sitting on a cold toilet seat can be quite uncomfortable, especially during colder months. 

The Solution: Consider utilizing a soft toilet seat cover as a remedy for this. A heated toilet seat, which will offer pleasant seating all year long, may be purchased for even greater relaxation.

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Remember that many of us have these frequent problems. If you don’t take care of these typical toilet issues right away, they’ll just get worse and may wind up costing you a lot of money. In addition, although the majority of issues are simple to resolve, don’t be afraid to contact a plumber for assistance if you have any questions or if a DIY solution doesn’t work.

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How do I know if my toilet pipe is leaking?

Look for water puddles or moist areas on the floor that might be signs of a pipe leak.

What are the reasons for a loose toilet?

A loose toilet is often caused by a deteriorated wax ring, damaged flange, or loose mounting bolts.

How can I solve my toilet problem?

By changing the wax ring, tightening the mounting bolts, or repairing the flange, you may solve problems like leaks or an unsteady toilet.

Why is my toilet leaking when I flush only?

A malfunctioning flapper that fails to properly seal the flush valve might cause leaking to occur during flushing.

What causes water overflow?

A blocked toilet trap or a fill valve that doesn't shut off properly might both cause water overflow.

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