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Common toilet problems and Solution

Toilet problems is not a choice. A toilet is the place where we go for urinating and throwing out stool. So we must keep it’s neat and clean. Well not managed toilets can cause many toilet problems as overflow, bad smell and so on. SPRING is coming – FINALLY!!! And chances are, you have a toilet.

A phantom flush is an issue that occurs when a toilet turns on and off on its own or runs intermittently. A slow leak from the tank into the bowl is the source of the problem. A faulty flapper or flapper seat is almost certainly to blame for this issue. Usually, the issue is with the fill tank. The tank’s water level is dropping: Examine the flapper. If the flush valve opening is not sealed, water from the tank will seep into the bowl and the toilet will run continuously to keep the tank filled. If your toilet isn’t flushing completely or having Toilet problems, it’s most likely due to one of the following issues: Your toilet tank’s water level is set too low. You’re having issues with your flapper. The toilet, flange, or drain is clogged.

The flapper failing to seat properly and form a tight seal against the valve seat is the most typical cause of a leaking toilet tank. This allows water from the tank to flow into the bowl. It’s possible that it’s caused by a misaligned flapper. The flush valve is leaking if the water level has dropped below your mark.

Or you at least know someone who has a toilet. Regardless of your toilet situation, it’s always good to have a toilet especially on the weekend where emergency plumbing repairs can be more costly than those occurring during the week.

Everest drain and Plumbing would love to share with you the most common toilet problems accompanied by a solution. If you find yourself in one of these predicaments and cannot fix it yourself, just call professional Toronto Plumber from Everest.


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Weak Flusher

You could have a first generation 1.6 gallon flush toilet that is destined to failure. Look inside the tank for a manufacture date stamped in the clay. If it was made during the time period from January 1, 1994, to mid-1997, this could be the problem. No matter what you do, it will not flush right. If you are making new toilets make its more advance.

If the toilet was made before 1994, hard water deposits in the syphon jet hole or the angled bowl rim swirl holes may be the source of your frustration. You can try to clean them out with wood sticks and oversized toothpicks, but a muriatic acid wash will really do the job.

Mix one part acid to 10 parts water. Using a funnel, carefully pour one half of this solution down the overflow tube in the toilet tank. You should immediately hear fizzing and such. BE CAREFUL of the fumes! Run the bath fan, open a window.

DO NOT splash this solution on you, in your eyes, on your clothes, on the carpet, etc. It will not hurt the toilet at all. If you have a septic system, do not do this! The only way you can clean your toilet is to disassemble it and do this process outdoors. Let the acid work for about 30 minutes. Pour the remainder of the solution down the overflow tube. After an additional 30 minutes, flush the toilet. You should see an improvement.

Strong but Partial Flush

The flapper valve may be waterlogged and dropping too fast. Observe the flapper valve during a flush. It should stay up until about 80 percent or more of the water has drained from the tank. If it drops sooner, install a new flapper which is stronger.

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Bowl Water Level Drops

You flush the toilet and all is well. After a period of time, a significant amount of water has left the bowl. Two things may be wrong. Water could be slowly siphoned from the bowl by a partial clog of toilet paper up in the colon of the bowl. You can demonstrate this phenomenon by filling a small soup bowl with water and putting it in the center of a cooking jelly pan.

Drape a strip of paper towel from the bottom of the bowl, over the bowl edge and into the jelly pan. Watch what gravity and capillary attraction does in several hours. The bowl will be nearly empty. in order to see if your toilet has a rag, toilet paper, or something else causing the drainage, empty the bowl of water and then use a flashlight and a mirror to look up inside the colon of the toilet.

Whistling Tank Fill

You must have an old technology ball cock valve with a ball float on the end of a rod. As the ball floats higher it begins to slowly close the water fill valve. This can cause vibrations and all sorts of noise. Toilet tank fill valves that stay wide open until the tank is filled have been around for over 20 years. They are wonderful and they are inexpensive. We use the Fluid master valve. Get the best one, not the economy model.

In rare cases, the bowl may actually have a crack in the interior colon or piping of the bowl. This problem can only be solved by installing a new bowl.

Dripping and Tank Filling

After the tank has filled, you hear dripping. Then several minutes later, the tank partially fills with water and the dripping starts again. Then the tank fills and so on and so forth. This problem can be a syphon problem caused by someone who installed a new tank fill valve. There is a small flexible tube that runs from the bottom of the valve to the top of the toilet overflow tube.

As the tank fills, water is also sent through this tube. It is used to refill the toilet bowl since it lost its water during the flush. If this tube drops down inside the overflow tube, it can, in some instances, syphon water from the tank. So, new toilet fill valves often have a clip that attaches to the top of the overflow tube and points the water flow down into the tube without actually having the tube enter the tube. Pretty slick? It works too! Use the clip!

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